10 Tips πŸ“˜ for Wearing Sexy Heels πŸ‘  All Day πŸ“† without Suffering 😩 ...

Sexy heels are guaranteed to catch the eye of that special guy you’re crushing on. They also offer a huge boost of confidence to your self-esteem. But they can be painful, especially after a full day of wearing them. These’re some tips to help you wear sexy heels all day long without suffering.

1. Beware of Strappy Numbers

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Strappy heels are gorgeous but they’re almost always very painful. In fact, I think they’re the worst offenders of all high heels. Not only is your foot hurting from wearing a heel but you’ve got little straps cutting into you. But all shoes aren’t created equal; there’re some strappy heels that don’t immediately induce pain. Just be sure to keep your receipt in case they don’t work out for you.

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