10 Tips for Wearing Sexy Heels All Day without Suffering ...


10 Tips for Wearing Sexy Heels All Day without Suffering ...
10 Tips for Wearing Sexy Heels All Day without Suffering ...

Sexy heels are guaranteed to catch the eye of that special guy you’re crushing on. They also offer a huge boost of confidence to your self-esteem. But they can be painful, especially after a full day of wearing them. These’re some tips to help you wear sexy heels all day long without suffering.

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Beware of Strappy Numbers

Beware of Strappy Numbers Strappy heels are gorgeous but they’re almost always very painful. In fact, I think they’re the worst offenders of all high heels. Not only is your foot hurting from wearing a heel but you’ve got little straps cutting into you. But all shoes aren’t created equal; there’re some strappy heels that don’t immediately induce pain. Just be sure to keep your receipt in case they don’t work out for you.


Know Your (Height) Limits

Know Your (Height) Limits Every woman is different. Some only want to wear a kitten heel while others crave stilettos. A lot of it depends on what heel you can comfortably wear. Once you figure that out, shopping for heels is a lot easier. You can zero in on the exact height you’re looking for.


Practice Good Posture

Practice Good Posture This sounds silly but it truly makes a difference in how heels feel on your feet. If you’re not standing up straight, you’re not going to walk correctly. This gives you a higher risk of foot pain. Good posture is something that doesn’t get the attention it should these days and we pay for it. Injuries resulting from improper posture are on the rise and that includes poor posture while wearing heels.


Consider Wedges

Consider Wedges The feelings women have about wedges seem to be quite divided. There’s Camp Wedge and Camp Anti-Wedge so either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. If you love them (like I do) then consider wearing them more. They’re way easier on your feet than other types of heels. They give you more support for your foot to rest on, cutting down on the heel hangover you’re going to have afterwards.


Try before You Buy

Try before You Buy Don’t buy heels without trying them on first! Trying them on can save you the hassle of returning them or worse yet, keeping them and wearing them anyways. Trying them on before you buy is helpful. If they hurt you in the store then you know they’re going to kill you after a full day in them.


Switch over to Ballroom Shoes

Switch over to Ballroom Shoes Another option you can try to wear sexy heels without pain is to try ballroom shoes, or dance shoes. These shoes were constructed much differently than a regular high heel. They’re pretty without being as rigid as regular heels. They’re constructed with comfort in mind since dancers can’t be worried about pain when they’re dancing. I actually plan to purchase a pair of ballroom shoes soon to see how they fare when worn as regular heels.


Learn the Proper Technique for Walking in Heels

Learn the Proper Technique for Walking in Heels There’s a proper technique for walking in heels and if you aren’t following it then you could be causing your heels to hurt you more than they have to. While no one would argue that walking in heels is as comfy as your favorite pair of slippers, it’s a lot worse when you don’t follow the proper technique. Walk heel to toe rather than trying to put your whole foot down at once. Taking your time helps too.


Grab a Pair of Inserts / Insoles

high heeled footwear, footwear, shoe, leg, spring, Guess what, ladies! If you've got a super uncomfortable pair of heels (but which you love to bits), all you have to do is grab a pair of inserts/insoles! These are removable soles that slide really easily into the shoe, made for your comfort in mind! Plus, they can also improve the fit and provide more support for your feet.


Stretch the Fabric before Wearing

footwear, blue, high heeled footwear, green, shoe, There's nothing more painful than putting on a pair of brand new heels, only to feel them cutting into your skin before you've even made it half way down the street! After buying a brand new pair of heels it's best to expect the fabric to be tough and stiff, so make sure you stretch it out (just using your fingers will do) to loosen them up!


Know when to Call It Quits

footwear, yellow, clothing, high heeled footwear, leg, If you've tried absolutely everything you can think of to make a certain pair of heels more comfortable and nothing seems to be working, it might be a good idea to either wear them as they are (blisters and all), put them to the back of your closet, try selling them for your money back or give them to a friend or family member! Who knows, maybe they'll find them bearable and get some great use out of them!

These’re tips to help you wear sexy heels without pain. Do you wear heels frequently? How do you minimize pain from them?

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How much heel should i wear.??

I've enjoyed this article

How do i knw proper height

Walking slowly and elegantly helps me when I wear heels.

"Sexy heels are guaranteed to catch the eye of that special guy you’re crushing on." -

I own a few pairs of strappy heels and yeah they become mad uncomfortable after awhile of wearing them,too bad cause their my favorite style of heel

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