Genius Tips to Keep Your White Sneakers Looking Brand New ...


Genius Tips to Keep Your White Sneakers Looking Brand New ...
Genius Tips to Keep Your White Sneakers Looking Brand New ...

White sneakers can be the perfect casual addition to any outfit. They are also perfect for completing your street-style look and keeping things chic! The one down side to white shoes is their ability to attract dirt and become dingy. Fortunately there are ways to keep them clean and white for longer with a little bit of extra effort! Keep reading for some helpful tips.

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Don't Wear Them in the Rain

clothing, footwear, fashion, fur, leg, With white shoes, you must be aware of weather and what kind of grounds you'll be walking. Rain creates puddles and mud and it's very easy to soil your white shoes in this environment. Even rain water itself has pollutants from the atmosphere and could discolor those bright sneaks!


Don't Wear Them for an All Day Activity

clothing, footwear, dress, fashion, spring, It's also best to wear your chic white sneakers for a single outing event, or when you know you'll be doing minimal walking. If you're walking in them all day, chances are you'll scuff them on a curb, spill a drink on them, or step in some animal feces. These are a risk with any shoe, but white shoes show everything!


Choose the Shoe Fabric Wisely

white, clothing, fashion, spring, leg, Some fabric is more resilient to stain than others. Leather scuffs but doesn't show dirt as easily, while canvas get dirty fast. I have all white Nike Air Max's that are mostly mesh with a rubber sole and they've stayed white for a long time!


Put a Weather Sealant on Them

color, footwear, white, shoe, blue, Depending on the fabric, you can put a weather sealant on your shoes to protect them. The sealant coats the outside and allows water and dirt to bead off. Remember to test an inconspicuous area first!


Spot Clean Whenever You Can

clothing, lady, footwear, fashion, spring, I do this all the time and I've found it really helps with maintaining a clean, white shoe. Every couple of wears, spot clean your shoes with a damp cloth, vinegar, magic eraser, or even a baby wipe. It gets rid of small dirty areas and prevents stains from setting in, as well as dirt accumulation (which makes them harder to clean later on).


Don't Let Them Rub against Dark Jeans

white, clothing, red, footwear, sneakers, We've probably all experienced what's called "dye transfer", where dye from a dark fabric rubs against another item and stains it. These stains are near impossible to remove and I've experienced it with my white leather purse against dark denim! It can also happen to white shoes with dark jeans being the culprit. Make sure your jeans don't rub against your shoes- cuff them and don't wear boot-cut!


Wash Them

car, vehicle, bmw, automotive design, wheel, Once your shoes become dingy and dirty beyond spot cleaning, it's best to wash them in the washing machine. Use the gentle cycle and wash them with old towels. It's also best to air dry them overnight so they don't shrink- unless you have a specific shoe drying setting in your dryer along with a shoe shelf.


Use White Nail Polish

clothing, blue, fashion, footwear, winter, If you get a scratch on them that can't be cleaned off, simply apply some white nail polish to it and you'll have your kicks looking good as new.


Use a ToothBrush

white, clothing, denim, outerwear, spring, While spot cleaning is great, sometimes there's areas of the shoe we can't quite get into. This is where a toothbrush comes in handy. Warm water and gentle soap with a toothbrush will buff out those hard to reach areas. Plus it works great on the rubber lining of the bottom of the shoe.


Store Them Indoors

white, clothing, fashion, costume, outerwear, While it might be tempting to leave shoes outdoors to dry after washing them, or maybe you even take your shoes off before entering the house, always store white shoes indoors and away from sun exposure. This can cause them to yellow and you won't be able to clean it.

With the right style, white sneakers can be super stylish and chic! Not to mention, way more comfortable than high heels. Hopefully these tips will help keep your white shoes looking their best. Do you have any tips to add?

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I have the adidas superstars pictures, and those things are so hard to keep clean. I use two different cleaning agents but there's really no perfect way to keep white shoes white.

Nail polish remover!! It really works on white outsoles! Sounds crazy but it really does work!

Just wear the damn shoes!!!

I agree with all of these tips. Especially the "dye transfer" tip. I have a pair of white Converses and I always want to pair them with a pair of my dark-rinse skinny jeans but don't want to ruin them. 😞 As you stated, I will just have to cuff them.

"Never Wet" is an awesome way to help keep them clean! It's a spray on water proof product.

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