Fab Ways to Keep Your Shoes Looking New for Girls Who Can't Always Replace Them ...


Fab Ways to Keep Your Shoes Looking New for Girls Who Can't Always Replace Them ...
Fab Ways to Keep Your Shoes Looking New for Girls Who Can't Always Replace Them ...

It doesn’t matter whether you spent $10 or $100 on your pair of shoes. You liked them and bought them so you want to enjoy them for as long as you feel you want to. Shoes are great when they are shiny and without scuffs and scratched. Neglect them and they soon become tired and old looking, drawing attention for the wrong reasons or being left to linger at the back of the closet, taking up space. With some simple tips and tricks you can protect your shoes and keep them looking new.

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Stuff with Newspaper

footwear, leg, shoe, ankle, joint, It’s cheap and readily available (I use the crappy free papers that drop on my doormat). Stuffing your shoes with newspaper has more benefits than you probably thought of. It can dry out wet shoes, absorb and alleviate odor, prevent dry rot when stored in damp places and preserve their shape. Who knew it was so useful? p.s. I have shoe trees for my very expensive pairs, to keep their shape.


Store Them Properly

footwear, shoe, shoe store, sandal, outdoor shoe, This is the easiest way to keep your shoes looking new. Whether you keep them in their box, on a rack, in a shoes cupboard or specially built storage, all are better than throwing them in a heap in the closet or on the floor. It helps keep their shape and prevent scuffs and scratches.


Don’t Wash Them

footwear, shoe, sneakers, sandal, leg, I know there are shoes that are said to be machine washable – canvas and fabric shoes and sneakers but it is not a good idea. Detergents degrade the fabrics in the same way as your clothes’ materials and the washing and spinning actions weakens stitches and joins etc. Scrub them by hand instead.


Protect Them

white, footwear, shoe, product, product, It may be annoying when the store clerk pushes you to purchase that can of shoe protector spray but it is worth the small investment. The spray will waterproof them and protect them from the elements which is especially important in wet and winter weather. Buy the right spray for your shoe material (synthetic, canvas, suede or leather etc.)


Tools for Shoes

pink, purple, clothing, footwear, eyewear, If you have a pair of suede shoes, make sure you have a suede brush – and use it. It brings the nap back up and it’s easier to do regularly rather than try to recover shiny, smoothed-down suede. If you have leather shoes consider buying a moisturizing cream. Remember leather is skin so it benefits from moisturization.


Repair Rather than Replace

footwear, white, shoe, fashion accessory, arm, It is much cheaper to visit the repair shop than the shoe store. If you have paid decent money for a pair of shoes and they can be repaired, get it done. Resoles and new heels prolong their life. You can also buy sole and heel protectors.


Be Creative

footwear, joint, leg, shoe, shoulder, You don’t always have to shell out money or chuck your shoes away. Marker pens are handy for filling in scrapes on heels etc. Tippex might just be the right shade of white. Even nail polish might be your shoe scrape’s best friend. You can also use a Magic Eraser to remove scuffs.

It doesn’t take that much effort to look after your shoes. Do you store neatly or are you a “chuck in the closet” kinda gal?

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Note to self - stop throwing shoes in piles on the wardrobe floor.

It's good to be reminded of the basics sometimes. 

Absolutely, I polish the shoe before and after use then store them properly after each use. I do this with my husband's and son's shoe make sure they look neat and in the right place. Clean home is a happy home - remember Danny Tanner from full house hehel I'm a clean freak too😄

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