Get Ready for Some Bling 38 Pairs of Jeweled Flip Flops to Wear All Summer Long ...

By Eliza

Summer is here and the warmer weather is making us all want to break out the summer shoes and show off our lovely painted toenails. Looking for something sparkly and showy? Aren't we all! Get a load of these great blingy sandals and summer will never be the same! See something you like? Click the link for more info.

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Radiant Blue Flowers

footwear,jewellery,fashion accessory,shoe,ear, Source: Maroma Sandals


Radiant blue flowers are the perfect choice for a summery look. Maroma sandals offer a unique combination of style and comfort, with their jeweled flip flops. The vivid blue petals of the flower design are sure to draw attention. The sandals have a comfortable, cushioned sole that offers support for long days of walking. The straps are adjustable to ensure a secure fit.

The jewels on the sandals are carefully placed to provide an eye-catching sparkle. The stones come in a variety of colors, from classic diamond-like hues to more vibrant shades. The jewels are also set in a variety of shapes to create a unique look.

The sandals are perfect for any occasion, from a day at the beach to a night out on the town. The sandals can be dressed up with a dress or skirt, or dressed down with shorts and a t-shirt. They can also be worn with jeans or a casual outfit.


simple clear crystals

footwear,product,sandal,shoe,leg, Source: B-4188 Silver Crown


Chandelier Thong Sandal in Lots of Colors

clothing,pink,footwear,fashion accessory,headgear, Source: LOOKandLOVEwithLOLO: Fabulous SHOES featuring Rene


Huge Rhinestones

footwear,jewellery,fashion accessory,shoe,sandal, Source: All things bright and bling


Black Neutrals

footwear,brown,flip flops,fashion accessory,sandal, Source: LOOKandLOVEwithLOLO: LOLO'S Pre-Fall 2014 Fabulous

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Get Ready for Some Compliments

footwear,brown,leather,shoe,product, Source: Cute Sandals


Jewels down the Side

footwear,brown,jewellery,shoe,fashion accessory, Source: Gallery & Inspiration | Picture


Super Colorful

footwear,leg,pattern,jewellery,shoe, Source: Promise Tamang - Timeline Photos


Fancy Design

footwear,shoe,leg,jewellery,fashion accessory, Source: 20 Pretty Flats for Every


Sophisticated and Chic

footwear,shoe,beige,leather,sandal, Source: Vogue Sposa - Mobile Uploads


How about Some Pale Pink?

footwear,jewellery,shoe,fashion accessory,chain, Source: 20 LBD looks perfect for


These pale pink jeweled flip flops are a perfect way to add a touch of glamour to any summer look. The pretty pink hue is sure to stand out in any wardrobe and the jewels add a hint of sparkle. These flip flops are comfortable enough to wear all day and stylish enough to make a statement. The perfect accessory for any summer outfit, they can be dressed up or down and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you're heading to the beach or a night out, these jeweled flip flops will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


Swarovski Flip Flops

pink,jewellery,clothing,fashion accessory,headpiece, Source: Etsy :: Your place to


Big Bright Purple

footwear,product,shoe,sandal,flip flops, Source: LSU Tigers Ladies Jewel Embellished


The Big Bright Purple flip flops featured in this article are from the LSU Tigers Ladies Jewel Embellished collection. These stylish purple flip flops feature a unique jewel embellishment that adds a touch of sparkle and shine to any outfit. They are made of a durable rubber sole that is designed to provide comfort and support, and a foam footbed that provides extra cushioning. The adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit and the secure grip ensures your feet stay in place all day long. These flip flops are perfect for a summer day out and about, or for a night out on the town.


Sparkly Starfish

footwear,brown,leather,shoe,leg, Source: Sand silver leather 'Ariel' jeweled


Turquoise Background

jewellery,necklace,turquoise,fashion accessory,turquoise, Source:


Bridal Flip Flops

footwear,pink,shoe,leg,petal, Source: Ivory White Bridal Flip Flops


Fancy Wedge Sandals

Montana West,footwear,shoe,jewellery,fashion accessory, Source: Montana West NEW STYLE! Western


INDIE Paisley BAREFOOT Sandals to Jazz up Plain Rubber Ones

footwear,leg,yellow,shoe,spring, Source: INDIE Paisley BAREFOOT sandals Khaki


Blue and White

footwear,flip flops,shoe,sandal,leg, Source:


Sparkle Spotlight

footwear,shoe,product,sandal,leg, Source: Sparkle Spotlight: Jeweled Sandals from


Lovely Green Colors

food,KMAN,URSA,LARUSD,BAPRi, Source: Valentina Alexandra


you can't go wrong with pink

pink,footwear,leg,toe,shoe, Source: Pedicure | The Worleygig


Big Heart Rhinestone

footwear,white,shoe,product,fashion accessory, Source: Bridal Flip Flops Heart Rhinestone


Girly Pink Stones

footwear,pink,shoe,flip flops,sandal, Source: J-4432 Pink Diamonds


Summery Style

footwear,product,shoe,leg,sandal, Source: B-4200 Summery Silver


Shine Bright

footwear,black,shoe,flip flops,product, Source: Women's Rhinestone Cross Wedge Flip


Black and Pink Flowers

pink,footwear,jewellery,fashion accessory,petal, Source: Items similar to Boutique Jeweled


Blinged out Rubber Flip Flops

footwear,flip flops,shoe,pink,sandal, Source: Beach Bridal "Octagon Rocks" Swarovski


Rock Your Jewels at Your Wedding

jewellery,clothing,fashion accessory,footwear,bracelet, Source: Intro EN


All the Colors of the Rainbow

footwear,fashion accessory,food,sandal,outdoor shoe, Source: Prada


Mix It up with Squares and Circles

footwear,product,shoe,sandal,flip flops, Source: Shop the best boutiques, designers


Simple Design, but Lots of Impact

footwear,flip flops,shoe,product,sandal, Source: B-4790


All the Blues of the Ocean

footwear,shoe,flip flops,product,sandal, Source: Crystallized Flip Flops


A Little Bit Rock and Roll

footwear,shoe,sandal,outdoor shoe,leather, Source: Cowgirl Jewelry and Custom Flip


Turquoise Cowgirl Flip Flops

footwear,shoe,black,sneakers,sandal, Source: Cowgirl Jewelry and Custom Flip


Crystals on Black

footwear,flip flops,shoe,black,product, Source:


Flower and Dragonfly

jewellery,blue,green,turquoise,fashion accessory, Source: Flipinistas :: Designs


How about a Feminine Butterfly?

footwear,jewellery,shoe,fashion accessory,art, Source: Flipinistas :: Designs
Which ones are you dying to have? What will you wear them with?

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