7 Lovely Loafers for Summer Days ...

Loafers used to be very "sweet old man"… however this year they have been given an upgraded style and gone very "chic young woman." I am very much in love with the Loafer this year as I see them as a shoe that can take me from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Staying with fresh colors, cool prints and fancy details this Summer the Loafer is where its at. Here are my 7 favorite Loafers for Summer...

1. ModCloth | Shop until You Lemon Drop Flats

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For $54.99 at modcloth.com

Does anything say summer quite like a pair of bright yellow shoes? And these comfy, cute loafers are all sunshine and lemon drops. I love the styling... dressy enough to pair with a retro skirt, but casual enough to wear with capris. So cute!

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