7 Beautiful Socks to Wear with Boots ...

As it turns out, you can make a style statement with socks to wear with boots. You’ve already treated your toes to the latest in cold weather footwear, so why not show your legs some love? Let the tops of these knee-high and over-the-knee socks peek out from under your brand new riding boots or booties. Expect your sweet socks to be showered with attention!

1. Sweet Stripes

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With these Free People Merino Stripe over-the-knee socks, you’ll unleash your whimsical side. The good news: Whether you have an endless budget (you lucky lady) or live on ramen noodles, striped socks are within reach. You can pick up a pair almost anywhere! Go with monochromatic stripes like these or pick out a whimsical palette. Bright beautiful socks make gloomy days sparkle!

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