7 Most Popular Footwear Mistakes to Avoid ...

Whenever I’m in a public place, whether it is a supermarket, the mall, or my college campus, I always see footwear mistakes. Women think they’re being fashion-forward, but instead, they look utterly ridiculous! These seven most popular footwear mistakes I see on the regular basis need to be stopped. Check out this list and make sure you’re not making these fashion faux-pas!

1. Crocs

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They aren’t as much of a fad as they were when they first came out, but Crocs definitely top my list of footwear mistakes! I don’t understand why these darn things were ever invented! They look like clown shoes, but worse. The holes make the footwear look even more hideous. Plus, they look like they are made from cheap plastic. No matter how comfortable they may be, you look ridiculous trekking around in these shoes. Opt for some comfy boots or flats instead, so you don’t look like a clown that escaped the insane asylum. Yikes!

2. Socks with Sandals

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Okay, ladies, here’s the scoop. You’re defeating the breathability of sandals by wearing socks with them. Plus, imagine if you get caught in the rain – there go your socks! Socks aren’t supposed to be seen outside of your shoes! No matter how fancy they may be, keep your socks hidden inside your shoes.

3. Too Much Bling

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I know there’s a fad out about rhinestone shoes, but you don’t want to blind people b y the amount of bling on your shoes. Plus, with an outrageous amount of sparkle, the person you’re trying to talk to will be too busy staring at your shoes instead of paying attention to what you’re saying! What a nightmare! Don’t do that to yourselves, ladies!

4. Uggs in the Summer

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Why? I just can’t figure out why women wear UGG boots in the summer. By the time they get out of the summer heat, their feet must be sweating profusely! I understand they’re comfy and fashionable, but you look like you didn’t check the weather for the right location when you head outside wearing sheep-skin boots in the summertime.

5. Flip Flops in the Winter

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I’m surprised none of these people get frostbite on their toes! Similar to the previous footwear mistake, you also look like you haven’t checked the weather or noticed the snowflakes falling from the sky. Save yourself from hypothermia and humiliation by bundling up (your feet included) during the colder months!

6. Heels That Give You Supernatural Height

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I don’t know how many times I’ve spotted women towering above me in epically high heels. Now, ladies, if you’re six foot five already, don’t buy five inch heels. Save yourself the trouble of ducking under doorways and save those heels for the ladies that need an extra height boost. This way, you won’t look like you turned into the Hulk and be accused of stomping on little children!

7. Wearing Slippers in a Public Place

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I’ve worn my slippers to grab the mail at the end of my driveway, but I’ve never worn my fuzzy slippers to a public place. Once again, they may be comfy, but they aren’t made to trek around in. The soles aren’t sturdy and you’ll look a bit out of place if you succumb to this footwear nightmare.

Now that you know what constitutes a footwear faux pas, save yourself the embarrassment and never leave the house without first double checking to see if you’ve committed any of these footwear mistakes. Have you ever committed these footwear felonies? Go ahead and confess – I bet you’re not the only one!

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