8 Ideas for Better-than-New Shoe Makeovers ...


8 Ideas for Better-than-New Shoe Makeovers ...
8 Ideas for Better-than-New Shoe Makeovers ...

The ideas for shoe makeovers you’re about to see all have one thing in common – they’ll help you realize that you already have a perfect pair of shoes…it just needs a bit of touching up! Hope you’re feeling crafty, ladies, because there are tons of ideas for shoe makeovers to consider. Check out these following tutorials – they are my personal favorites and I’m sure you’ll love them, too!

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Owl Flats

First on my list of ideas for shoe makeovers, this super-creative video tutorial is an absolute must-see! Wondering why? Well, not for long, I’ll bet! Check it out, it’s a great way to update a pair of plain flats, turning them into a trendy piece of footwear with a serious potential of receiving much love this spring.


Shoe Lace Pumps

Classic pumps paired with chunky, maybe even colorful shoelaces? Absolutely! Does this sound like a noteworthy DIY idea to you? Well, then you’re definitely on the right track and this next video will prove it. Check it out! I know you have a decent yet not particularly show-stopping pair of pumps hiding in your shoe closet and I’m sure this would be a great way to freshen them up.


Chain and Bow Flats

Oh la la! Now here’s another crafty idea for a shoe makeover no DIY fan will be able to resist! And what a great way to turn a pair of plain nude flats (which you can find just anywhere) into an ultimate fashion piece for the season! What are you waiting for? Go for it!


Neon Lace Flats

Have a pair of too-comfy-to-let-go flats with way too many battle scars? Does that mean you'll have to give them up anyways? Absolutely not! This next on my list of tutorials showcasing creative shoe makeover ideas is exactly what you need! Cover those scuffs up with a layer of lace and voila – your favorite shoes will be as good as new and maybe even better!


Galaxy Shoes

Cute, trendy and perfect for spring, these interesting galaxy shoes don’t cost much to make yet offer a world of interesting outfit choices, helping you rise above the crowd with your unique style. But hey, who knows, you might already have a pair of black shoes in need of some sprucing up, in which case, the costs of making these are even lower! Give it a shot and do let me know how they turned out.


Shoe Covers

Oh la la! Well, here’s an awesome-looking steampunk slash military look to try this spring! Not to mention the sheer usefulness of a shoe with interchangeable parts! Don’t you agree? Now, I know they don’t look like much in the video but I bet that’s only because the shoe is rather grandma-ish. Throw in a better-looking pump, go for a plaid fabric and you’ll have a new-to-you pair of shoes that look like something straight off Vivienne Westwood’s runways.


Glittery Shoes

Speaking about grandma-ish shoes, here’s a pair of really plain-looking, not at all special oxfords going through a major transition. The result? An undeniably hot-looking pair of glitzy shoes! You might want to protect the bottom before applying glue and avoid piling that much glue around the seams but, other than that, great tutorial!


Rainbow Shoes

From old and boring to new, colorful and fun! This last idea for a shoe makeover is the one for you if you loved the idea behind the galaxy shoe tutorial but are still browsing for different patterns. Give it a shot – it’s really cheap and easy to do.

Got a shoe makeover idea of your own? Well, let me hear it! Thinking about going with some of the shoe makeover ideas listed above? Even better and, yes, I’d love to know which one!

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