7 Adorable Flats to Keep You Going All Summer Long ...


7 Adorable Flats to Keep You Going All Summer Long ...
7 Adorable Flats to Keep You Going All Summer Long ...

When the sun is shining down and you have to find the perfect shoes to take you from work to the beach to girls' night, the most adorable flats in your closet are perfect to help. They are comfortable yet stylish and work with so many different outfits. Here are some of my top picks for adorable flats to keep you going all summer long and have you looking fabulous while doing it.

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Steve Madden P-Heaven

Steve Madden P-Heaven **

These Steve Madden flats are the perfect adorable flats to keep you going all summer long. The light yellow color is great to match the sun shining down on you during the summer. And because they are Steve Madden flats, you know they are going to be super comfortable. You can pair them with a bright sundress for the daytime and slip into a darker dress for nighttime, and make a statement with your bright flats. Find them at Steve Madden for $39.95.


Mercanti Fiorentini Color Block Flat

Mercanti Fiorentini Color Block Flat **

Color blocking is still such a hot trend this summer, so take advantage of that with these adorable flats. The intricate detail in the stitching will give you a reassuring sense of quality. You can’t forget how perfect the blended blues look together, either. Find these at DSW for $99.95.


Kate Spade New York Espadrille Flats

Kate Spade New York Espadrille Flats **

If there is one thing summer needs, it's some adorable espadrille flats. The combination of the coral color and espadrille texture is a winner for this summer. Pair these flats with a fun printed sundress and you are ready to go from the beach to the bar with your girls. Get these at Bloomingdale's for $128.


Nomad Cutout Flat

Nomad Cutout Flat **

These cutout flats might be my new obsession. White is the perfect color for the summer and the cutouts add such a fun element to the shoes. They are guaranteed to stand out against your outfit, while still paring perfectly with whatever you put on. Find them at Francesca's for $48.


The Nomad Cutout Flat is a stylish and comfortable shoe perfect for summer. The white color makes it easy to pair with any outfit, while the cutouts add a fun and unique detail. The flats have a low heel and cushioned insole, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The rubber outsole provides great traction and stability on any surface. These shoes are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and can be found at Francesca's for $48.


VC Signature Andrea Flat

VC Signature Andrea Flat **

As sad as it is, most of us still have to go into the office during the summer. But with these flats, you can go from the office to happy hour with no problem. The neutral body is perfect for the day at the office, but once you are in party mode, the snakeskin tip is the perfect detail to make a statement. This combination of neutral colors and snakeskin is a winner no matter where you are. Get these at Nordstrom for $195.


Marc Jacobs Glitter Flats

Marc Jacobs Glitter Flats **

Since you have to spend time in the office during the summer, it is up to you to make the most of your party nights. That is where these adorable Marc Jacobs flats come into play. What else makes a statement like glitter flats? Whether they are glittering in the sun during happy hour or sparkling in the moonlight as you dance the night away, you are sure to stand out in these flats. They're available at Zappos for $495.


Jack Rogers Lively Flats

Jack Rogers Lively Flats What else says summer like Jack Rogers? Similar to the VC Andrea flats, these have a colorful tip, but are more versatile for your day. Pair them with a sundress, a business suit, and everything in between. You will look fabulous no matter what. The quilted texture of the flat makes a subtle statement and you are bound to look classy and timeless no matter where you are. Get them for $198 at Jack Rogers.

Summertime is the perfect time to wear flats. They are great for all times of day and can work with so many different outfits. What did you think of these adorable flats that are perfect for summer? Do you have any other flats that you love in the summer? What makes a flat work perfectly for summer?

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The article is not useless, you may like a pair of flats and look for a similar style that is cheaper. I liked the cutout flat and I have seen it cheaper but different brand.

Couldn't you have chosen flats that are more reasonable in price? This article seems useless considering most people are not going to spend almost 500 dollars on a pair of flats. There was only one reasonable priced pair of flats on here. Next time try writing an article that is actually useful. I am not trying to be rude, but the prices on most of these shoes were ridiculous. Payless has super cute flats for 20 dollars.


err, i'd much rather take my chances at payless. plus, these flats aren't that cute.

Who the heck has $500 to spend on shoes? I sure dobt

Very good shoes

Where can I get the flatties in the main picture? they're cute as!

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