7 Awesome Stores to Buy Cute Summer Shoes from ...

By Ashley

7 Awesome Stores to Buy Cute Summer Shoes from ...

There are two things that I love to buy when the weather starts getting hot: sunglasses and cute summer shoes. When it comes to buying shoes and sandals there is quite a bit to think about. So, I have compiled a list of stores where you can find a variety of cute summer shoes.

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Have no fear, DSW is here to help you find some cute summer shoes. Not only do they carry a variety of brands but they are also very reasonably priced! Be sure to check out the clearance shelves (they have 50%-70% a lot of things!) before you hit the regular shelves. You never know what you could find!

2 Urban Outfitters

I just bought the most amazing pair of shoes here that I will probably wear every day of the summer. TOMS Wedges! Usually I don’t go for sneaker heels but I love TOMS and have a weakness for wedges. Comfortable and cute, what more can you ask for? (Totally worth the $84 I spent!)

3 Aerosoles

I’ve found that Aerosoles carries a good selection of mostly sandals. I am very particular about what kind of sole my shoes should have and Aerosoles seems to fit my needs every time. They have more of a selection for people with wide, flat feet (like myself) who need more overall support. This store also has very good sale options year-round.

4 Aldo

Flats, flats, flats! I can’t get enough of them at Aldo! They have ones in studded leather, bright colors, every style you can think of! And the best part is they always have ones on sale for $20 or less.

5 Target

Target has everything from wedges to sneakers but I love them most for the selection of flip-flops. Everyone needs at least one solid pair that won’t fall apart midway to the pool... and you can definitely find that pair at Target.

6 H&M

Price: $12 flats in every color and pattern imaginable. Need I say more? They also have really cute Keds-type sneakers and lacey floral patterned flats that you can match with everything for about $18. You can’t get a better deal than that.

7 Forever 21

Lastly, my go-to store for everything would of course have cute summer shoes. Those perfect summer party heels you’ve been wanting? Those basic sandals you want to match with every summer outfit? They’re waiting for you at Forever 21, along with every other pair of shoes you've ever wanted, and then some.

Whether you’re traveling, working, or just relaxing this summer, you always need cute summer shoes to complete your look! Where do you love to shop for cute summer shoes? What styles are your favorite? And how do you wear them? Do tell!

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I love H&M 😍

Just love aldo and target :)


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