7 Perfect Shoes for Every Occasion That You'll Want to Flaunt ...


Women and our obsession with shoes...a tale as old as time. We may never be able to figure out why we love shoes so much but thanks to guest contributor Tashaa, we now have 7 more pairs to lust after!

7 occasions, 7 of the most perfect footwear pieces. We may struggle with the right outfit, how to wear our hair, or are you too over dressed? One thing is for sure. If your feet are looking fabulous, you are looking fabulous.

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Date Night- Sassy Slingbacks

Date Night- Sassy Slingbacks The perfect heel with the right amount of skin on show. This is what they call subtly seductive!


Cocktails- Wedges

Eye Catching meets comfortable. This is dressy enough for cocktails along with a cute outfit but at the same time it is not dramatically over the top. Talk about versatile!


Cinema- Slipper Shoes

Relax and look ridiculously cute at the same time. These lovely shoes are one of the hottest trends at the moment. I'm a big fan of comfort plus good looks!


Cinema-slipper shoes are the epitome of relaxed fashion. Imagine sinking your feet into these cloud-like cushions as you step out for a movie date or a casual brunch. They're the perfect companions for your feet, pairing effortlessly with a range of outfits – from sundresses to your favorite jeans. Light, sophisticated, and incredibly versatile, they're a must-have for those who prioritize comfort without compromising on style. So, why choose between looking fabulous and feeling great? With these slipper shoes, you can proudly do both – and make a statement while you're at it!


Fashion Show- Pointed Courts

Fashion Show- Pointed Courts Points and smaller heels are everywhere this season!! You can get these fabulous shoes in a variety of colours with white being the most popular at the moment (Victoria Beckham is just one of our favourite women who has been seen wearing white pointy heels!) . These shoes are key to making your outfit look sophisticated and chic.


Clubbing- Bold, High and out of This World

Clubbing- Bold, High and out of This World This is where height really comes into play with an added element of fun. A night out is a perfect occasion to wear this as long as you can walk in them! Experiment with colour and be daring.


Concert- Edgy Boots

For sure you can pull of the whole 'rocker' look with jeans and a leather jacket but boots are the statement outfit piece. People at concerts make minimal effort, however your footwear should always stand out (in a good way).


Shopping- Shoes for a Mission!

Our favourite past time yet one of the most frustrating activities ever! Flats are essential for shopping especially during crazy sales. There are some really pretty ballet pumps around like this Topshop pair and there's really no dearth of colour and design variations.

Fabulous feet mean a fabulous you darlings!

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Lol I luv how u said on the last one Shopping- shoes for a MISSION! and u speak the truth

Love them all & want them all!!!

Very bad

Those pink shoes look very legally blonde to me, what do you think?

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