7 Pretty Pairs of Fall Shoes I Can't Wait to Slip on My Feet ...


7 Pretty Pairs of Fall Shoes I Can't Wait to Slip on My Feet ...
7 Pretty Pairs of Fall Shoes I Can't Wait to Slip on My Feet ...

Fall is most definitely my favorite season, and I won’t lie that fall shoes have a major part of that obsession! Along with the glowing leaves and crisp fall breeze, there’s nothing better than slipping a cozy pair of fall shoes on your feet with a cozy sweater, cute little scarf, and toting a fabulous bag to make you feel on top of the world! I just adore fall, and I’ve already collected some of my favorite fall shoes to slip on my feet as soon as the cool weather moves in. Check out these fabulous styles for the fall season so you don’t miss out!

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The Platform Pump

The Platform Pump If you’re a working woman, this is one pair of fall shoes to put on your list of shoes to buy this year! These pumps are just perfect for the office and I love them because they’re casual enough to slip on with a pair of sexy jeans and cute top, while still dressy enough to wear with some slacks or a killer skirt to work. Be sure to pair these with a longer skirt, at least to your lower mid thigh, since these have such a high heel. You don’t want to create the miniskirt look, which is pretty outdated and not so classy, in my opinion. Also, if you wear these with dress pants, be sure you allow enough length at the hem for this super high heel, so the pants aren't too high but don't drag the floor either. You can find this pair on Amazon at a variety of price points.


The Flat Boot

The Flat Boot Flat boots are so fabulous for a few reasons. For starters, they can be worn with jeans, a skirt, and a dress. They’re also great if you love the look of boots, but hate the higher heeled varieties. Flat boots are really popular this year, just as they have been the last few years. You can get a great pair at Amazon for a decent price, and they come in tons of colors to suit your particular taste.


Mary Jane Heels

Mary Jane Heels Mary Jane heels are some of my favorite dress shoes for fall. They are great to wear whether you’re looking to pair them with a dress for church, work or even a night out on the town. Either way, kick up your heels with these cute shoes on! This pair is available at Amazon for less than $60.


Dressy Flats

Dressy Flats Flats are incredible for a few reasons. For starters, they pair well with just about anything under the sun, and they’re super comfortable. Next, they make you look incredibly put together just by slipping a pair on your feet. I love these Kenneth Cole flats from Shoes.com, which come in a variety of colors that would be perfect for a number of fall outings. You could even wear them into work with a cute skirt, the right pair of ankle length slacks, or pair them with some cute jeans on the weekend.


Knee High Black Boots

Knee High Black Boots Oh, I am so loving these boots! I have about 3 pairs of black boots in my closet as I write this, but honestly, can a girl have too many? Nope, I didn’t think so! These boots are so stylish and you can’t go wrong with a brand like Guess when it comes to a fashionable fall shoe, or any shoe for that matter. Pair these boots with a classy little dress, long skirt, a pair of jeans, or even a pair of black slacks. Either way, these boots are just perfect for fall and giving you a little height up on things too! They're on Amazon for less than $100.


Embellished Flats

Embellished Flats Buy Here: polyvore.com
For those of you who love flats, but need a little something extra special on your toes, check out these adorable and really cozy flats by Aerosoles brand. These shoes are so vibrant and cheery, you won’t be able to wait to put them on your feet. They would go great with jeans, khakis, a skirt, a cute pair of black dress slacks, or even a cute pair of city shorts. These shoes are available from Polyvore in many different colors and styles if you’re not into this particular style, but either way, be sure to pick up a pair of embellished flats this fall!


The Classic Skinny Pump

The Classic Skinny Pump I technically wear these year round, but I have to feature them as a favorite fall find because they’re just so fabulous to wear this time of year if boot season isn’t quite here yet. They also make you look extremely put together, classy and stylish just by slipping them on your feet. I love them with jeans and slacks and pair them with every kind of top imaginable, from a sweater to a dress shirt, casual blouse and more. You can find these in any brand, and they range from as little as $20 and up, but be sure to find a pair with good support or you’ll be sorry later!

Don’t go through this fall season without adorning your feet properly, girls! Dressing for fall is fun, incredibly fashionable, and the best time to embrace your inner stylist. Do you have a favorite type of shoe to wear in the fall? Share it with me and link your favorites in the comments section!

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i love 7

Also love the flat boots

Im in love with #1! :)

Do u have links for all the shoes???

I'll be adding to my collection for sure. Love the Mary Janes!

Wow that is the ugliest collection of shoes I've ever seen in one post. I love flat boots a d flat shoes but all of those shoes make me want to go Nike

I hate skinny heeled shoes. They are the hardest shoe to walk in and they really aren't all that pretty. Pumps and wedges are slighty more comfortable and a lot prettier

Not as fancy, but personally moccasins

Nice!!! Where I can buy this beautiful 5. KNEE HIGH BLACK BOOTS

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