7 Pretty Pairs of Fall Shoes I Can't Wait to Slip on My Feet ...

Fall is most definitely my favorite season, and I won’t lie that fall shoes have a major part of that obsession! Along with the glowing leaves and crisp fall breeze, there’s nothing better than slipping a cozy pair of fall shoes on your feet with a cozy sweater, cute little scarf, and toting a fabulous bag to make you feel on top of the world! I just adore fall, and I’ve already collected some of my favorite fall shoes to slip on my feet as soon as the cool weather moves in. Check out these fabulous styles for the fall season so you don’t miss out!

1. The Platform Pump

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If you’re a working woman, this is one pair of fall shoes to put on your list of shoes to buy this year! These pumps are just perfect for the office and I love them because they’re casual enough to slip on with a pair of sexy jeans and cute top, while still dressy enough to wear with some slacks or a killer skirt to work. Be sure to pair these with a longer skirt, at least to your lower mid thigh, since these have such a high heel. You don’t want to create the miniskirt look, which is pretty outdated and not so classy, in my opinion. Also, if you wear these with dress pants, be sure you allow enough length at the hem for this super high heel, so the pants aren't too high but don't drag the floor either. You can find this pair on Amazon at a variety of price points.

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