9 Ways to Pick the Perfect Heels That You Should Try ...


9 Ways to Pick the Perfect Heels That You Should Try ...
9 Ways to Pick the Perfect Heels That You Should Try ...

I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared this with you lovely ladies yet, but I love my high heels, even though I’ve always had a hard time picking the perfect heels. Recently I’ve found some awesome ways to pick the perfect heels. Here are 9 tips that you should definitely check out!

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Size It up

This is the honestly the most important of all the fabulous ways to pick the perfect heels: sizing it up. When you’re looking at a heel, factor in your own personal weight along with how long you’ll be wearing the heel. Then begin your perfect heel voyage from there.


Comfortable Courage

I’m known for wearing outrageous footwear, however when I think of my favorite ways to pick the perfect heels, only one word comes to mind, and that word is comfort! I can’t stress to you ladies how important comfort is. Even if the shoe is screaming your name, if it isn’t comfortable, don’t buy it! Comfy and cozy is the way to go.


Thick in the Heels

Ladies, this is probably one of the most important ways to pick the perfect heels: thick heels! Stilettos are great, don’t get me wrong, but thick heels are better. Thick heels allow any lady to actually put as much pressure on her heels as she’d like, and the heel won’t break or have any give. So next time you’re picking out your perfect heel, keep this in mind.


Bountiful Brands

I know that it can seem ridiculous to pay $50 and up for a shoe, but it is one of the best ways to pick the perfect heels. With so many brands of heels out, I can say that paying a bit more for your heels is worth it. Not only do more expensive heels feel better, they also last longer. When you’re picking out your heels be ready to splurge. Splurge and surge is what I like to call it.



If you’re just starting out in heels, then some of the best ways to pick the perfect heels are by category. There are three main categories of heels and that’s wedges, platforms, and pumps. Ease your way into heels. When I started wearing heels, I owned a pair of wedges for about 3 months and then eased into platforms, and finally pumps. It was just easier for me to work into wearing heels that way. I think you should try doing something similar for yourself too!


Walk and Work!

Picking the perfect heels can involve many different things, but the most involved thing is walking. When picking heels, I would say you should walk around in them from 5-15 minutes just to get a feel. Once you’ve done this and you feel comfortable, then it’s smooth sailing and you can complete your transaction. Strut your stuff and be fierce! Work it out hunny!


Cut Different

I have the strangest cut foot and in all honesty, when I’m picking out heels one of the most tedious ways to pick the exact right pair is by trying on several sizes. It gets a tad annoying sometimes, but it really is best in the end. Every shoe is cut differently and the same goes for brands. Maybe you wear a 7 in one brand, but you could be an 8 in another. You’ll never know until you try of course.


Material Girl

When thinking of ways to pick the perfect heels, you should pick the better material and in many cases, leather is better. Leather is tight, and it also stretches... and for those who don’t like wearing leather, there are a lot of animal friendly shoe companies. Just keep material in mind and you’ll be fine.



Being someone who is a runner, I know that my arches need support; so checking the arch support in a shoe is one of my favorite ways to pick the perfect heels. I know that if the arch has some type of padding or comfort material then I can buy the heels. Arch support is key to wearing heels. If the arch is too high and uncomfortable, well, there just may be a tragedy.

If you keep these tips in mind, I’m sure it will be smooth sailing to the perfect heels. If I could sum all these tips up I would say the remember the 3 S's: style, satisfaction, and size. Do you have any ideas on ways to find the perfect heels? If you do, let me in on the details!

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