8 Pretty Pastel Shoes ...

Investing in a pair of pretty pastel shoes is the perfect way to get your wardrobe spring-ready. They’ll add an extra helping of feminine flair to everything from your daytime printed dresses to your favorite going-out skinnies. Pay homage to the balmy breezes and blooming flowers with these eight pastel shoes. Are you ready to start strutting?

1. Wild Diva Lounge Kendall Wedges

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These pastel shoes are not only adorable, but wearable to boot! The bows make them good for any girly girl, while the espadrille platform wedges will keep your feet from aching. Plus, the materials are animal-friendly, so you can go ahead and brag about β€˜em to your vegan pals! I’d wear them with opaque black tights, a flared mini skirt, and a button front blouse for a night out with the ladies. Pick this pair up now on Lulu’s for $35.

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