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8 Ways to save Your Party Feet ...

By Sophia

Give your party feet a break this festive season by looking after them. With all the parties and get-togethers this season, and countless nights tottering about in heels, our feet tend to come off second best. Blisters, cramps, and swelling – the list of potential injuries is enough to make you wince. Whether it’s due to a sole-crushing pair of high heels or just the effects of an entire night spent on your feet, take a look at the following tips to help you look after your party feet.

1 Start with the Shoes

Want to know the number one way for ensuring your party feet stay happy all night long? Wear good shoes! Make sure they’re the right fit and provide ample support. If your feet are slipping and sliding around in your shoes this just increases the chance of rubbing and blisters occurring. If you’ve got a brand new pair of shoes, you may also want to break them in beforehand to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprise blisters or cuts on their debut.

2 Prepare Your Leg Muscles

Ensuring your leg muscles are strong can help prevent injuries. Try some ankle strengthening or balancing exercises as these can be especially beneficial when wearing heels. The bonus? All that exercise will ensure you have killer toned legs.

3 Support Your Soles

If you need extra support, try adding insoles or arch support with your party shoes. Adding some gel inserts to either for the balls of your feet or ankles can give you that extra bit of support and help relieve pressure too. Check with a specialist to see just what requirements your feet need.

4 Pay Attention to Posture

It always pays to pay attention to your posture. When wearing heels or spending the night on your feet, it’s more important than ever! Keep both feet firmly on the ground and avoid leaning on one leg over the other. This will ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on both legs.

5 Take a Break

When you can, avoid spending the entire night standing in heels. Whenever possible, sit down and give your feet a break. It’ll release any pressure on your feet and can be the perfect opportunity to do a few sneaky stretches.

6 Carry Back-up!

If you’re going to be spending the night on your feet, and in high heels to boot, stash a few helpful supplies in your handbag. These could be anything from band aids to gel cushions to a pair of foldable ballet flats for the trip home!

7 Stretch It out

When you kick off your shoes at the end of the night, stretch out your leg muscles to help relieve tension. Focus on calf stretches as these are the muscles that tend to be most affected by a long night in heels.

8 Massage It

Show your poor feet some TLC with a little bit of a foot rub or massage. Either administer one yourself or, if you’re lucky, talk someone into giving one for you! Not only will it help relieve tension, but it’s also a great way to take some time out and relax. Also massage in a nourishing foot cream to also help keep feet soft and supple.

With a love for sky high heels and more fashionable than functional shoes, our feet tend to come off second best these days. These are just a few preventative and restorative measures you may want to take to help look after your feet next time you spend all night on the town and in your heels. What are your best tips for looking after sore party feet?

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