Can't Handle Heels? 7 Tips to Make Walking in Them Way Easier ...


Have you resigned yourself to a life without ever wearing heels? Do you feel intimidated by them so you just avoid them altogether? You don’t have to give up. Heels are still a possibility for you with these 7 tips to make wearing heels easier.

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Make Sure Your Heels Actually Fit

So many times as girls, we try to wear a shoe because we love it but it really doesn’t fit. This is where the problem can begin. If they’re too big, then your foot is going to slide around in the shoe, making it more difficult to walk in. If the shoe is too small, you’re going to struggle with walking because of the pain you’ll have. It’s always best to choose a heel that correctly fits your foot.


Start with a Small Heel and Work Your Way up

You don’t want to start with 4 inch spikes. You’re not giving yourself a chance if you go that route. You need to start small and work your way up. Choose a heel that’s no higher than 2 inches to begin with. As you become more comfortable walking in them, you’ll be able to handle higher heels.


Wear Them at Home before You Wear Them out

It’s a good idea to wear your heels at home before you venture out in public. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Wearing them at home first will help you make sure that the fit is correct. If you notice the fit is off, it’s a lot easier to return shoes that haven’t been worn out of your home. Secondly, wearing your heels at home first will give you the ability to practice in the environment that you feel most comfortable.


Check Your Posture and Realign It as Necessary

Heels are easier to wear if you have good posture. If you’re always slumping then you’ll throw off your natural center of balance. The best way to check your posture is to glance in a mirror as you pass it. Force yourself to freeze so you can correctly analyze your posture. Make adjustments where it’s off.


Realize You Need to Take More Steps when You’re Wearing Heels

Walking in heels is different than walking in sneakers, flats, sandals or any other type of shoe. Your stride is shorter when you’re wearing heels. This means you need to take more steps to cover the same distance than you would in another type of shoe. Realizing this is helpful because it can help you to stop fighting against those extra steps.

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Don’t Be in a Rush to Get Somewhere

You don’t want to rush yourself when you’re wearing heels. You’re more likely to fall when you’re in a hurry. You’re also likely to make mistakes such as wobbling when you’re rushing. It won’t take that much longer to take your time and walk correctly in them. It could save you from an injury and embarrassment to walk at your normal pace rather than rushing.


Don’t Overthink the Concept of Wearing Heels

It’s possible that you’re overthinking the concept of wearing heels. Yes, it takes some thought and practice but you can master them. They’re just shoes. Don’t let them intimidate you. In time, you’ll be wearing heels anywhere you wish.

These are 7 tips to help you walk in heels. Do you feel intimidated by heels? Do you feel more confident you can conquer that after reading this article?

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I dont wear hills now. I gained so much weight and it causes me difficulty to walk. 😞

I feel moving my hips helps.

I wouldn't call 4" spikes ; }

Work on ankle balancing exercises. For years I thought I was just clumsy in heels, but come to find out I have weak ankles

@ Kendall oh dear. I hope your ankle gets better soon. Try and rest it.

Recently (like maybe Sunday) I tried on some heels and moments after I started walking, I tripped and hurt my ankle. I wish I trie them on now!

I usually take longer strides it helps a lot

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