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7 Ways to Ensure Your Heels Won't Hurt on a Night out ...

By Alison

There's no doubt that high heels look fantastic on a night out - but they can be pretty low on the comfort scale. And if your shoes start hurting it can really ruin your evening. So what can you do to make your heels more comfortable and reduce the chance of them rubbing? Here are some tips to help ensure your heels won't hurt on a night out …

1 Break in Shoes

If you're going to buy a new pair of heels for a night out, allow some time to break them in beforehand. Wearing them for the first time when you go out is guaranteed to lead to discomfort. Break in the shoes by wearing them around the house for a bit, and by the time you go out they'll have stretched to accommodate the size and shape of your feet.

2 Travel in Flats

The discomfort of high heels on a night out may be caused by wearing them for too long. Pop your heels in your bag and wear flat shoes while you're traveling to and from your destination. Simply switch to your heels when you get there. This will ensure that your feet don't get tired from wearing heels for too long.

3 Buy the Right Size

So you've spotted an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes, only to find that sadly the shop has run out of your size. However much you adore the shoes, don't buy them in the wrong size. You'll be in agony if they're too small, and the shoes will slip if they're too large. Find another pair that fit you properly instead.

4 Stretch the Shoes

Even if you buy the right size, your shoes may need stretching a little to make them more comfortable. One way to do this is with a hairdryer, which will stretch the leather. Put on the shoes while wearing thick socks. Run the hot air over the shoes while flexing your toes. This will only work with suede or leather, so don't try it with shoes made of man-made materials.

5 Gel Pillows

By wearing your shoes before your night out, you can discover where they are sore. Fortunately there are lots of products such as gel pillows and moleskin that you can use to stop your shoes rubbing. Place them where your shoes rub, and you should be able to prevent any sore spots developing.

6 Taping Toes

The idea of taping your toes together may sound an odd way to prevent shoes hurting, but it's one that models swear by. And women who wear heels for a living should know what works! There is a nerve between those two toes that can lead to pain in the balls of the feet. So simply use surgical tape to fix the third and fourth toes together.

7 Avoid Pointed Shoes

You may think that shoes with a pointed shape look hotter, but they're not going to be very comfortable. Toes aren't shaped that way, so they're going to be squashed inside the shoes. This kind of shape also puts pressure on the ball of the foot. Look for shoes with a rounded toe instead, or that have an open toe.

So try these tips to help you wear gorgeous high heels without ending up in agony! Do you always wear heels, whatever the occasion?

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