The Most Stylish Vegan Footwear Brands You'll Ever Find ...


If you think that vegan footwear brands only sell boring shoes that nobody stylish would wear, you should check out some of the amazing vegan shoes out there. Buying vegan shoes means that you can be confident no animal products were used to make your footwear, which is important if you're vegan or vegetarian. Vegan shoes have come a long way since their early days, so fall in love with these vegan footwear brands …

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Beyond Skin

One of the vegan footwear brands you'll love is Beyond Skin. They deliver to the US, but as UK sizing is different you'll need to check the conversion chart to get the right size. There are stylish shoes to suit all tastes; I love these 1940s-style black and gold sandals, which you can find here:


Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes Moo Shoes is an irresistible, if rather ironic name for a vegan shoe brand. These gorgeous candy-striped shoes are actually made from candy wrappers. What a fabulous eco-friendly idea - not only are the shoes vegan, but they also use something that would otherwise have gone into landfill.



Noah If you prefer flat shoes or want a touch of Italian style, then take a look at Noah's range. These sandals are expensive, but they'll also last for years if looked after correctly; cheap sandals soon fall apart. Again, if you're ordering from the US remember that European shoe sizing is different.


Vegan Chic

Vegan Chic If you've always thought that vegan shoes must be completely dull and made for comfort rather than style, take a look at Vegan Chic. I'm completely smitten by these adorable pony print boots, found at, which would look stunning worn with a black or grey outfit. They're so stylish that anyone would think they were by a designer and cost three times as much.



If you want to be sure that your sneakers are cruelty-free, check out the extensive range by Keep. These sneakers with a kitten photo are cute and quirky enough to be worn with a dress. And at $50 they're not hugely expensive either - cheaper than many well-known labels.


Vegan Wares

But what about Australian readers looking for vegan shoes? Vegan Wares offers a range of practical vegan footwear, such as these winter boots ( or these smart Oxford brogues ( It's a good brand if you're not looking for high heels, as they don't have stilettos; not everyone wants shoes so high that they can't walk properly!



Mohop If you like to ring the changes, then treat yourself to a pair of shoes from Mohop. Their wedges come with different ribbons, so that you can match the shoes to your outfit. This makes the shoes really good value. It's like getting several pairs of shoes for the price of one, so it could be a great investment for a holiday.

Even if you're not vegan, you'll still love these vegan shoes. It's worth buying good quality shoes like these brands, as they'll last a lot longer than cheap shoes. With shoes, you really get what you pay for, so consider spending more on these lovely vegan shoes; as well as getting some stylish footwear, you'll be supporting cruelty-free brands. What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?

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