9 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for a Dress ...

By Sophia

9 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for a Dress ...

Knowing how to choose shoes for a dress can make all the difference when it comes to putting together an outfit. The wrong pair of shoes can potentially break an outfit. Avoid any outfit mishaps by taking the time to consider how a pair of shoes can alter and affect your overall look. These are just a few tips to help you when it comes to how to choose shoes for dresses.

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Try Them on

One of best tips for knowing how to choose shoes for a dress is to try them on first. This will give you an idea about fit, comfort, and hopefully show how flattering they are. If you try them on with the dress you’ll be wearing, or one in a similar style or length, even better!


The Occasion

Consider the occasion that you’re dressing for when choosing the right pair of shoes. Wear heeled shoes for more formal occasions. Stick with enclosed shoes for corporate events, keeping the strappy and peep toe shoes for semi-formal occasions and parties. Leave the flat shoes, sandals, and sneakers for more casual occasions.


Hem Vs. Heel

When it comes to how to choose shoes for a dress, take the length of the dress into consideration. Be wary of teaming platform of sky-high stiletto heels with anything too short. Wear flat or low heeled shoes with mini dresses. Mid-length dresses generally look great with both heels and flats. It’s all about getting the right balance so experimenting is key.


The Flatter Factor

Different shoes can have a different effect on your overall look, depending on your body shape. If you’ve got shorter legs, avoid wearing shoes with ankle or T-straps with mid-length dresses as they can further ‘cut off’ your legs. When teaming a dress with boots, choose knee-high or low-cut styles as these are generally the most flattering.


Color Coordinate

The key to creating a well put-together outfit can lie in putting the right colors together. When looking at how to choose shoes for a dress, take the time to think about what colors are best suited to it – from complementary colors to those in similar hues. Then, match your shoes to suit.

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Neutral Territory

Neutral colors are your best bet when it comes to versatile shoe options. A basic black or nude shoe is a must have in any wardrobe. They can be worn with most styles of dress, no matter what the color or print.


Create Balance

The busier your dress is, the plainer the style of shoe should be. Heavily embellished or patterned dresses generally look better with more minimalist shoes, whereas plainer dresses can be styled to the max with a statement shoe.


Material Match up

Pair dresses made from thicker materials with a sturdier shoe. Similarly, team dresses made from flimsier fabrics with daintier styles of shoes.


Shoe Shape

When looking at how to choose shoes for a dress, think about how the shape and design of the shoe can affect the appearance of the dress. For example, while pointed shoes are great for teaming with this season’s full skirts, they may not be the most flattering choice for a bodycon dress.

There are plenty of thinks to consider when it comes to how to choose shoes for a dress. Hopefully these tips will help you next time you’re putting together your perfect outfit. What’s your best tip for how to choose a shoe for a dress?

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