12 Ridiculous Shoes That Shouldn't Exist ...


It’s so much fun trawling the Internet for some of the world’s most ridiculous shoes! In this list are some of the best, craziest shoes I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to hear your reactions to them. Sometimes I can’t believe these ridiculous shoes were even designed! Settle in and get your giggle on for some of this hilarious footwear!

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Bootbags Do you love handbags? Do you love them so much you’d love to be able to wear them? Well, these ridiculous shoes will be able to fulfill that glorious desire! Part of Ahmet Baytar’s autumn/winter 2010 collection, these leather shoes will make you look like you got your foot stuck in a bag on the way to work this morning. Whoops.


Elephant Dung Shoes

Elephant Dung Shoes Yep, that’s right - these shoes designed by INSA are made out of elephant poo. They feature a sky scraping 10-inch heel and some totally psychedelic colours, but perhaps the dung is a bit off-putting. I wonder if they would smell? Just when you thought fashion couldn’t come up with anything new!


Apex Predators

Apex Predators These patent leather Oxfords sport no less than 1050 teeth between the pair of them and could perhaps be the perfect present for that special man in your life! The price is available ‘on request,’ which makes me think you should probably start saving now if you want these beauties in your life. Could you imagine the noise they would make when you walked on them!?



Olympus Jeffrey Campbell has really outdone himself with these shoes! I can only imagine that this design would be handy if your feet had a habit of getting too hot, but you had to make sure your legs stayed nice and toasty. Then again, your guess is as good as mine.


Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Oh Alexander McQueen, what have you done? I have been looking at this picture of McQueen’s shoes from his 2012 autumn collection for the last ten minutes and I still can’t really understand how you even wear them! They look like they’ve got some crazy ponytail attached to the top, so as to protect your ankles from the winter chill. Or something.


Cuddly High Tops

Cuddly High Tops I think the only good thing about these shoes is that any small child you come across would definitely appreciate them! I can’t see your feet ever getting cold in these crazy high-tops, and you will definitely become the talk of the town with your hilarious new kicks. Fabulous!


Mongolian Fur Snow Boots

Mongolian Fur Snow Boots I haven’t heard of DSquared before, and I get the feeling that these shoes are precisely why. If you feel like looking as though you’ve got a poodle stuck on each foot, then you need to get your hands on a pair of these! Don’t hold your breath, however - these shoes will set you back around $700.


Fish Platforms

Fish Platforms Unluckily for you, I have looked and looked and cannot find a designer for these bad boys. If you are overly attached to your pet fish, then never suffer from separation anxiety again - just take them with you in your shoes! I’m not sure how your fish would feel after swishing around in your shoes all day, however.



Exempt These wacky shoes from Jeffrey Campbell would come in handy, I suppose, if you want to wear some ridiculously high heels, but also feel as though you might want to go for a quick jog, with their rubber grip soles. They’ll set you back around $220, but surely that’s a small price to pay for something as fabulous as these.


Giraffe Shoes

Giraffe Shoes I have to say, these shoes are pretty original, and really quite quirky. I don’t know how easy the giraffe-leg heel would be to walk on, but isn’t that just the price you pay for fashion? I can’t find the designer of these shoes, so if you feel as though you really can’t live without your very own piece of Africa, you might need to do some digging.



Skele-Toes This style of shoe have started cropping up all over the world, becoming the next big thing for hikers, joggers and campers alike. These Skele-Toes by Fila are different, however, in that they only have four toes - the two smaller toes fit in the same compartment, for reasons I am completely unsure of. Perhaps you should just try not to be seen in them in public.



Lawdy When tall just isn’t tall enough, Jeffrey Campbell is at the rescue yet again to protect your feet from boredom. Setting you back $170, these leather shoes are sure to turn heads. One thing is for sure - you’ll keep your brain active as you concentrate trying to walk in these ridiculous platforms!

I have a special board on Pinterest dedicated to hilarious shoes, and it is so much fun seeing just what fashion trends you can find in the depths of the Internet. How far do you think is too far when it comes to fashion? Which ones were your favourite?

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Imagining how to walk in some of these, without taking a tumble!

Ehh~I wouldn't mind #9 and #10, I think they're cute! But the rest, maybe they're made for lady gaga? Lol

Hahaha! Hilarious. Giraffe shoes certainly are quirky, but the rest... hideous!

OMG no! 👎

Lol. Great post!

There all messed up but the last ones!!! Speechless!

Haha the Elephant Dung shoes, love the colors, hate the style!

These r horrible

Wtf just happened

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