7 Ways to Buy Shoes on a Budget and Look like You're Wearing Couture ...


Trying to buy shoes on a budget and stay looking good is hard, right? Well, sometimes it is, but with a few sneaky tactics it is possible to buy shoes on a budget and look like you are wearing haute couture. These tactics aren’t all in the act of buying itself; often it’s about how you accessorize too!

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Check out Star Styles

When you buy shoes on a budget, have a good look through your favorite fashion columns to see what the stars are doing. It is often the case that the luxury look comes from falling in line with trends! ASOS was once a great resource for this, but it seems as though it’s slipped away from the As Seen On Screen ethos in recent years. Any magazine will do, and once you have your perfect pair in mind you can emulate your favorite star’s styles.


Choose Charity Carefully

If you balk at the idea of shopping at a charity store, reconsider your approach. Certain neighborhoods are going to produce stores with designer goods. As you have probably guessed, these neighborhoods are usually rich! Go to charity shops in a rich locale, and you may get your hands on some designer brands.



The era of auction sites won’t die out any time soon, and I am really thankful for that! Truthfully, I have only had one or two awful experiences with eBay. However, each time the financial side resolves itself through Paypal so I can continue shopping happily again. Some of my successes include getting my hands on some lovely Kurt Geiger boots.


Check out the Outnet

Have you ever been on Net a Porter and fantasized about the amazing shoes there? Well The Outnet is Net a Porter’s little sister, and it sells designer goods at a fraction of the price. The discounts there can reach as high as 90%. That really is a great way to save on Louboutins.


Buy Designer Combos

Big named designers worldwide are now teaming up with smaller names to give them a boost in the fashion industry. This ultimately means that you can pay a budget price for shoes, while still getting your hands on a designer price tag. There is one caveat here though: you need to purchase them as part of a sale to make them truly budget. Still, if you’re aiming for a classic design, there is no reason why they can’t work out of season.


Try Independent Boutiques

We are all so focused on choosing from the mass produced products that we miss the independent boutiques selling unique shoes. Usually, these designers know they need to compete with their prices. This means you can buy shoes with a unique look, for a fraction of the price. You can find independent boutiques in most cities!


Pair Budget Shoes with Hot Trousers

There are no rules stating that your entire outfit must be completely budget or completely designer. In fact, you can combine the designer items with budget items to make the latter look more expensive than they are. Nobody will see the label on your shoes, so who’s going to know where they’re from anyway? Plan your outfits carefully, and everything will look killer.

Buying budget shoes doesn’t mean your feet will look cheap. In fact, it is a great chance to save some cash while diversifying your wardrobe. Shop wisely, pair with high end items, and catch designer sales when they are at their best. If you have a great tip for making the most of budget shoes, what is it?

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