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Every so often, it is fun to add something different to your style, and one of the best ways to have fun with style is with eclectic shoes. Everyone has their own unique fashion sense. Some people gravitate more toward classical styles, while other people feel more comfortable in boho. Whatever you like wearing, you will have days when you just want to have a little more fun, and mixing it up with eclectic shoes is a great way to have fun and still appear presentable. A fabulous place to find shoes with a little character is Mod Cloth, which is where all of these great shoes can be found.

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Pretty Petals Flats

Pretty Petals Flats The beads and embroidery on these flats is absolutely exquisite, and it makes these eclectic shoes very special. The vibrant colors of the flowers against the white background really stand out, which is why these shoes are perfect if you are in a mood to show off your whimsical side. Because these shoes are so detailed, they would look best with a simple outfit. Imagine what these shoes would do for a pair of jean shorts and colored T-shirt. Your outfit would have so much more interest. You could even wear these shoes with a little black skirt and a blouse for a more dressed up look.


Cape Hatteras Flats

Cape Hatteras Flats Nothing says summer fun quite like bold yellow stripes, which is why the Cape Hatteras Flats are perfect for a fun day in the sun. These canvas shoes will take you from the boardwalk to a picnic in style, and everyone will want to comment on how unique and wonderful your shoes are. Wearing these shoes will make you feel so sunny and cheerful. Every time you look at your feet in these shoes you will smile. Pairing these shoes with a simple white sundress will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer’s heat.


Garden of Glam Heels

Garden of Glam Heels I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to add a little bit of character to an outfit when I am going out for the evening. Wearing the Garden of Glam Heels would allow me to have a little fun while still looking evening appropriate. The hibiscus flowers on these black heels have a very tropical feeling, which makes me want to book a flight to a tropical island. Wouldn’t these heels look fantastic with a little black dress? Of course, they would also make a great pair of skinny black pants look incredibly striking.


Roaring Style Wedges

Roaring Style Wedges If the tropics aren’t quite your thing, perhaps you prefer the jungle. Fans of cheetah prints will pounce at the opportunity to wear these shoes. What is unique about the Roaring Style Wedges are the little black bows that adorn the toes of these shoes. The bows give these shoes a quirky element that keeps the shoes from being too serious and sexy. The bows paired with the cheetah print also make these shoes stand out, which means you don’t have to think too hard about your wardrobe. Keeping your outfit simple will make sure you look fabulous, flirty, and fun!


Bowed Boating Heels

Bowed Boating Heels Sometimes all it takes to make a plain shoe fantastic is a bold color. The Bowed Boating Heels are a fabulous pink grapefruit color that gives these shoes a lot of character. Even more individuality is added to these shoes by the contrasting cream bow that adorns the open toes. Because these shoes have chunky heels and a slight wedge, they will be much more comfortable when you are walking around shopping. To keep these shoes looking fabulous, wear them with a pair of crème colored shorts and striped blouse. You will look like the fun, outgoing person you are!


Tropical Trek Flats

Tropical Trek Flats These tennis shoes are perfect for the days when you are at the park playing with kids. Your feet will be so comfortable, and they will look great too! Can’t you just picture yourself playing tag and having a blast like you did when you were ten? Naturally, you don’t want to look like you are ten. Wear these shoes with a pair of skinny jeans, a loose tank top, and sleek bun. You will still look like you are ready for fun, but you won’t look like a little girl.


Literary Look Heels

Literary Look Heels Work attire can be a bit boring at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Wearing these shoes to work will allow you to show a touch of your personality while still looking professional. Even though the speckled print is quite unique, the conservative style and colors keep these shoes office appropriate. To stay looking professional, pair these fabulous shoes with a simple black suit. You will look very chic!

Wearing shoes that have a little character is the perfect way to let your personality shine. You can keep the rest of your outfit basic, but because you shoes are so fabulous you still look stylish. I can’t think of a better way to have fun with fashion than to wear one of these great pairs of shoes! Which of these quirky shoes do you adore?

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