7 Eclectic Shoes to Wear when You Are in a Quirky Mood ...

Every so often, it is fun to add something different to your style, and one of the best ways to have fun with style is with eclectic shoes. Everyone has their own unique fashion sense. Some people gravitate more toward classical styles, while other people feel more comfortable in boho. Whatever you like wearing, you will have days when you just want to have a little more fun, and mixing it up with eclectic shoes is a great way to have fun and still appear presentable. A fabulous place to find shoes with a little character is Mod Cloth, which is where all of these great shoes can be found.

1. Pretty Petals Flats

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The beads and embroidery on these flats is absolutely exquisite, and it makes these eclectic shoes very special. The vibrant colors of the flowers against the white background really stand out, which is why these shoes are perfect if you are in a mood to show off your whimsical side. Because these shoes are so detailed, they would look best with a simple outfit. Imagine what these shoes would do for a pair of jean shorts and colored T-shirt. Your outfit would have so much more interest. You could even wear these shoes with a little black skirt and a blouse for a more dressed up look.

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