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Ways to style espadrilles can vary depending on the design of the shoe and your own personal tastes. While the espadrille is typically thought of as a summery style of footwear, don’t feel that this has to limit your outfit options. When it comes to which way to style espadrille shoes this season, simply wear them in place of your normal shoes. Whether you prefer flat or heeled styles, the following are just a few easy ways to style espadrilles this season.

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With Skirts and Dresses

With Skirts and Dresses For a perfectly feminine look when it comes to ways to style espadrilles, you can’t go past a flouncy skirt or dress. Show off some skin in a sundress, or team a pair of wedge espadrilles with a sheer maxi skirt.


With Shorts

With Shorts For a cool and casual look, team your espadrilles with a pair of shorts. If you’re wearing heeled or wedge espadrilles, choose a pair of shorts in a tailored style. If you’re wearing flat slip on espadrille style shoes, team them with denim shorts for a fun weekend look.


With Trousers

With Trousers Another way to style espadrille shoes is with a pair of trousers. For a resort-worthy look, team your espadrilles with a pair of cuffed trousers or chinos. Making sure that your trousers end above the ankle is a guaranteed way of showing off your espadrilles. Finish off the look by tucking in a blouse or singlet and popping on some oversized sunglasses.


Pairing espadrilles with trousers offers a polished yet casual ensemble. Opt for lightweight linen or cotton to maintain a breezy vibe. If you're dressing for cooler weather, tailored wool trousers can also complement your espadrilles elegantly. For an added touch of sophistication, consider a slim leather belt and a minimalist clutch. Accessorize with a delicate necklace or dainty bracelets to keep the ensemble chic and understated. This combination is not only comfortable but also transitions effortlessly from day to evening wear.


Dressed up

Dressed up So far, all the ways to wear espadrilles have revolved around fairly casual outfit options. If you want to look a bit more polished when wearing espadrilles, stick to wedge or heeled styles in neutral colours such as black or white. Team them with slim cropped pants or a midi skirt and a blouse. Pop on a blazer and accessorize with a compact clutch and your favourite jewels.


For an evening ensemble, consider a pair of espadrilles with chic leather or satin finishes to add a touch of sophistication. Stick to a monochromatic theme by selecting a palette that's consistent from head to toe, which elongates your figure and provides an uninterrupted line of elegance. A flowing A-line dress will complement the summery vibe of the espadrilles, while a tailored jumpsuit can offer an on-trend and sleek alternative. With this dressier approach, your espadrilles can take you from daytime outings straight into a classy dinner or social event with ease.


In Color

In Color I mentioned before that espadrilles are typically associated with summer. Embrace this train of thought by choosing a pair in a fun colour. Yellows and reds are my picks as they look great against the sandy colour of the rope soles.


With Prints

With Prints This season is all about bright and bold prints, and what better style of footwear to complement them than a fun espadrille? When looking at ways to style espadrilles with your favourite prints, you could either choose a colour from the print and wear an espadrille in the same colour or go with a neutral like white or cream.


Tied up

Tied up Certain styles of espadrille feature tie details. If your espadrille shoe features wrap around ties, then you’ll want to wear them with clothes that show off your ankles. Depending on the length of the ties you could wrap them around the length of your calf in a criss-cross fashion, or just wrap them low around your ankle multiple times.

If you’re thinking about ways to style espadrilles this season, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to wear them. If you usually think of them as a casual shoe, why not try wearing them with something dressier? Do you have any tips for easy ways to style espadrilles?

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I definitely think espadrilles were really great with shorts, skirts and dresses. I have the hardest time pairing them with pants, but it can be done!

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