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The different heel types available to us ladies today are simply astounding. You might fancy tottering around like Marilyn Monroe on some stilettos, or maybe you are clumsy like me and you need wedges to keep you steady. The different heel types out there are so diverse, there really is something for everyone. Hopefully, you can find one for you.

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Stilettos Try as I might, I simply cannot last the night in a pair of stilettos. Sure, they make our legs look incredibly sexy, but I am unfortunately clumsy! For those of you who can walk in them, make the most of them. They make your legs look longer, they give you a beautiful wiggle, and they look fantastic with skinny jeans! Of all the different heel types out there, they are also one of the most common.



Wedges Now wedges really are my best friend. You can get them in cork, with a patent sheen, and even on the bottom of sneakers if you're that way inclined. They have all the leg elongating potential of stilettos, but they are easier to balance on. I love them so much, I am accumulating pairs rapidly.


Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels If looking super feminine is your aim, then you cannot go far wrong with kitten heels. When I was about 13, these things were EVERYWHERE. I sort of miss them being so on-trend, but that doesn't stop me wearing them from time-to-time. They are especially appropriate for weddings, where wedges are a little informal but stilettos may not always be practical.


Ballerina Heels

Ballerina Heels Feel like wearing something different? Then try a pair of ballerina heels. Combining that dainty little pointy ballerina toe and startlingly high heels, these shoes are not for the faint-hearted. I'm absolutely positive I'd break my ankle in several places wearing them, so more power to those of you who can manage this tough fashion task.


Pump Heels

Pump Heels Pump heels are the shoes of choice for women who want to look hot in the workplace. They are sort of like stilettos, but much smaller. The end result is a formal looking pair of shoes that make every inch of professionalism hidden in your working outfit seem a little more fun. Surprisingly, they're not that difficult to walk in either.


Inverted Heels

Inverted Heels Unlike those scary looking ballerina heels, these are innovative shoes I can get behind. They are like inverted wedges! Well, in most cases they are. Some of these shoes come with heels that look as though someone stuck them on drunk. I'm yet to see a pair in the shops I frequent, but when I do I will be trying them on and walking around.


Certainly, the inverted heel is a conversation starter, as it seems to defy gravity with its unique structure. The heel placement reversed from the usual norm gives it a quirky yet surprisingly sturdy base, proving that fashion can indeed marry function with flair. Though not for the faint of heart, this style is perfect for the fashion-forward individual looking for that eye-catching element in their ensemble. Plus, the added bonus is the illusion of longer legs, a perk that is always welcome in the realm of chic footgear. I can't wait to strut down Main Street turning heads with every step.


Platform Heels

Platform Heels Also known as 'stripper heels', these shoes evoke images of women dancing around poles. Be that as it may, there is something undeniably sexy about them. In fact, they are also quite popular among those who engage in burlesque. I have serious admiration for anybody who can manage dancing in these. Personally, I stick to shoes that are smaller.

I like to think that the diverse nature of heel types reflects our unique personalities. There are those who like to play it safe, like me. Then there are those who can go wild confidently! If there is a pair of heels you prefer, what are they?

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those ballerina heels are amazing! if I was 20 again I'd bag a pair haa ha alas I'm not! flat forms are a trend here as they are comfy without making you feel penguin like flat shoes do also they give you height without the discomfort !

A pair of cowboy boots!!! Lol

oh my gosh! ballerina heels look so odd and painful! OW

Just because something's in the stores doesn't mean they are on trend. I looked at a show store, they have everything. Mainly so you have something for everyone... OLDER women usually go for the kitten heel right away for a wedding or work.

OMG I've never seen ballerina heels! They look painful! The pumps are my go too!

Those pumps have stiletto heels; a pump is a shoe, not a heel. You forgot stacked heels in your list. I'm not so sure I agree that kitten heels are not on trend; they are everywhere in the stores.

Picture of Ballerina Pumps is in Germany :))

Where can I get a pair of brow. Girls cowboy boots?

The ballerina heels look like something out of silent hill

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