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7 Things Your Shoes Say about You ...

By Alyssa

Shoes can be a woman’s best accessory, but do you know the different things your shoes say about you? From heels to sneakers, putting your best foot forward can be daring or disastrous. Knowing the different things your shoes say about you can can help you and your feet be fabulous! Extra points for a punchy pedi!

1 Flip Flops

Clothing, Leg, Beauty, Thigh, Lady,We start the 7 different things your shoes say about you with the humble flip flop. Which says, I just came from the (beach, pool, communal shower), and I love cheap foam footwear. Also, I am a poor (college, high school) student, who can’t possibly pass up the chance to buy $5 shoes. Especially if they come in 60 different colors. Do you remember your freshman dorm closet? Yeah that’s right - it was FILLED with an Old Navy rainbow to match every single one of your moods/outfits. And you typically wore the blue ones.

2 Sandals

Footwear, Toe, Leg, Sandal, Orange,Footwear, Toe, Leg, Sandal, Orange,I have a little more respect for myself than the average flip flop. I spend money on shoes, but I still want you to know that I’m a laid back summer chick. Also it’s way too hot out for anything else. I personally don’t judge on name brand. My Birkenstocks are not only good for my back (i.e. comfortable), but they’re pretty fashionable as well. I wear mine with my eBay-sourced designer outfits. No, I have no shame.

3 Stiletto Heels

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Sandal, Leg,My favorite style of shoes, they ooze confidence. They say, I am strong and and I don’t care what people think of me - I’m going to take the world by storm. They also occasionally say "ouch." Not that you would would ever let them say that out loud. No, you wear heels, you’re a wild woman, you’re ruling the world! Go get em’ girl!

4 Kitten Heels

Photograph, Street fashion, Clothing, Blazer, Standing,The stiletto’s little sister. I may be little, but I still pack that confident punch. I just don’t want to tower over my (boyfriend, boss, friends) at this moment. Yet, I still want that comment, "Wow, I can’t believe you’re wearing heels!" That’s right. I am wearing heels.

5 Sneakers

Street fashion, Jeans, Clothing, Denim, Fashion,I work out! (You sang that in your head, didn’t you?) I also like to be comfortable. It’s nice to see the sneaker grow to be something fashionable. From runways to retail, you can make the sneaker go with your outfits now, without looking like obsessive gym junkie, or lazy. Props to the ever-changing shoe.

6 Flats

Footwear, Shoe, White, Street fashion, Leg,I’m in style. I like to look cute and fun. I also like an easy outfit, and skinny jeans, and flirty dresses. Also - modern work attire. Anyone else reminded of a Disney princess, pre-royal transformation when they put them on? Just me? Well then, I will blissfully continue with my royal daydreams.

7 Boots

Photograph, Street fashion, Clothing, Black, Tights,IT’S COLD! LIKE D**N COLD! Maybe I’m the only one who can’t wait for this polar vortex to make itself scarce, so we can get ready for spring. I can’t WAIT for sandal weather to come back! I’m sorry, boots can also say "I like myself and my style too much to compromise with a pair of sneakers." Also sneakers don’t go with the club. I’ll try to slow my roll on the cold complaining.

SHOES! Go out now ladies and update you wardrobe to properly accent your personality. Besides, there is never a bad time to go shoe shopping - how about now? What do your shoes say about you?

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