7 Shoes for Wide Feet That Are Comfortable and Hot ...

As a veteran of the wide feet world, I am quite adept at choosing shoes for wide feet. There was once a time when this always meant a trip to the store. However, common sense has now helped me make shopping online a convenient reality. I can empathise with you other wide footed ladies out there who suffer the same shopping perils as me. Therefore, I want to help you find great shoes for wide feet with the same minimal effort I manage to execute!

1. Lucky Brand Miller 2

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Sometimes shoes for wide feet are all about the materials. I have always found that wedges are a foolproof option when I am in a shopping rush, because the straps used on them accommodate me nicely. These wedges from Lucky Brand come in a few different colors, so even if the pair above donโ€™t suit your tastes the chances are there is a pair that will. These ones look as though they give plenty of wriggle room from the side.

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