9 Fashionable Alternatives to Heels for Day and Night ...

High heels are the epitome of classic elegance, but there are other alternatives to heels that can exude ladylike glamour just as well. Whether it’s for work or a night out at the clubs, a fabulous pair of heels is a must-have fashion accessory for any woman. But if you're like me and only wear high heels when you have to, then check out these alternatives to heels that will keep you looking stylish anytime of day!

1. Ballet Flats

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Who said heels are the only shoes that accentuate femininity? I love ballet flats! They are my go-to shoes for any outfit. I especially love the ones topped with oversized cream-coloured satin bows. The versatility of ballet flats makes them a great option for everyday wear no matter the woman or occasion. These lovely alternatives to heels are a timeless statement that are comfortable, gorgeous and thankfully, a little fancy!

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