7 Ways to Make Ankle Boots Work for You ...

By Jelena

Ways to make ankle boots work have always been one of those fashion-secrets I could never quite figure out. I mean how is it that they look so awesome on so many people but never on me? Know what I mean? Well, it actually turns out wearing ankle boots is something we can all do, as long as we find the right pair. It doesn’t matter if your legs are muscular, short or crooked like mine, or long and spindly – there are ways to make ankle boots work for you and these following tips will help you find The One for you:

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1 Emphasize Those Skinny Ankles

Emphasize Those Skinny Ankles One of the ways to make ankle boots work for you even if you have muscular calves is to go for those classy, fitted boots that leave the ankle bare or end right at the ankle. The idea here is to show off the natural curve of your leg and your dainty little ankles as opposed to hiding all this inside a boxy boot and letting the biggest part of your calf steal the show.

2 Go past the Ankle for Straight-Looking Legs

Go past the Ankle for Straight-Looking Legs Big boobs and X-shaped legs run so strong in my family you’d have to have a serious dose of my bad luck to only get the latter. Oh well… the good news is that this doesn’t mean I need to avoid short boots at all costs and neither should you. Go for slightly longer, less fitted booties that cover the ankle and end an inch or two above it. I’m using this trick for some time now and I’ve noticed that playing down the difference between my calf and my ankle really does help make that bump at the knee less prominent.

3 Keep It Light if Your Legs Are Lean

Keep It Light if Your Legs Are Lean Lean legs that stretch for miles are every girl’s dream, yet the ones who actually own a pair of these often refrain from wearing ankle boots because of their lean calves. I’m not making this up, I swear; you should hear my sister whining about her perfect legs! All of you super model-like ladies (my crazy sister included) can actually wear any ankle boots you like, as long as you stay away from styles that are so bulky, they make your legs look like toothpicks. Details, shine or texture should be the wow factor of your perfect boots, not chunky heels, thick soles or boxy styles.

4 Cankles and Ankle Boots Don’t Have to Be Enemies

Cankles and Ankle Boots Don’t Have to Be Enemies The market today isn’t too friendly to women with wider feet and the so-called ”cankles”, often forcing them to go up a size or choose a super low cut and suffer the effects (and discomforts) of flesh spilling out from the top. Sounds familiar? Turn to companies that specialize in producing fashionable footwear in various width and sizes. UK brand Duo, for example, offers a stunning range of ankle boots designed especially for women with wider ankles. Elastic side panels, past-the ankle length and styles that make ankles look trim are what you need to look for.

5 Sleek Style for Longer-Looking Legs

Sleek Style for Longer-Looking Legs Ankle straps and ankle boots are a huge no-go for all of those ladies intent on using footwear to add a few inches Mother Nature couldn’t spare. There may be a way around this, though, at least when ankle boots are involved. Try sleek, unadorned boots that follow the natural leg shape - no ankle straps, of course, as these will cut your leg and make it appear shorter. Darker colors are a good choice in case you tend to wear dark pants or dark hose a lot, while a fashion-forward nude ankle-boot helps you show-off major skin in skirts and dresses without having to sacrifice height for it.

6 Round-Toed Boots for Smaller Looking Feet

Round-Toed Boots for Smaller Looking Feet If you wear a large size, you might want to stay away from pointy-toed boots and totally flat footwear. I’m not suggesting you should wear heels all the time, just advising you to look for soles with a defined arch and a small, barely there heel such as the one you’ll often see on riding boots. Round-toe (and even box-toe) styles are perfect for making larger feet appear smaller and I’m happy to report some do the job so well, my rather standard 8 to 8,5 feet look at least 2 sizes smaller.

7 Emphasize the Calf to Make It Appear Larger

Emphasize the Calf to Make It Appear Larger In case your calves could use some bulking up, you can make up for it by choosing the happy medium a.k.a a boot that ends right under the thickest part of your calf. Pair these up with below-the-knee skirts or dresses (as suggested by Marissa Rosenblum, shopping market director at Refinery 29) and enjoy having much curvier-looking calves on display.

Is wearing ankle boots a huge no-go for you and if so – could these tips and tricks persuade you to give them a second chance?

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