7 Menswear Style Shoes You Can Wear with Your Ladylike Outfits ...

Menswear style shoes like oxfords and brogues have been enjoying a lot of popularity with the ladies lately. They’re a comfortable choice of footwear, and can be quite versatile. Instead of working a head to toe androgynous look, team your menswear style shoes with ladylike outfits. Mixing masculine and feminine trends is a popular style trick and can look quite playful. Take look at these menswear style shoes to team with your most ladylike outfits.

1. Classic Oxfords

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When it comes to menswear style shoes, you can’t beat a pair of classic oxfords. They’re timeless and can look quite elegant. Team a pair of patent oxfords with a full skirt, collared blouse, and structured handbag for a prim and proper ladylike look. These patent oxfords are by Dieppa Restrepo and will set you back around $200. However, you can be sure to find a pair for well under $100 online at stores like ASOS.

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