7 Must-Have Jeffrey Campbell Shoes That Every Shoe Lover Will Love ...


7 Must-Have Jeffrey Campbell Shoes That Every Shoe Lover Will Love ...
7 Must-Have Jeffrey Campbell Shoes That Every Shoe Lover Will Love ...

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are more than just an accessory: they are a statement all their own. Jeffrey Campbell takes the heart of street style and mixes it with the glitz and glam of the runway to create unique and fun designs. While I believe every pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are a must-have, here are my 7 favorites!

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Lita Spike CMYK

Lita Spike CMYK The Lita, named after Lita Ford of The Runaways, is Jeffrey Campbell’s most recognizable style, making it my number one must-have! While you can find the Litas in rainbow, glitter, prints, patterns, and distressed styles, the studded Litas are by far my favorite. Nothing screams ‘rocker chic’ more than the Lita Spike! These are iconic Jeffrey Campbell shoes.



Vicious I had been dreaming of a pair of Vicious ‘heelless’ heels for quite some time, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened my birthday gift from my sister - I really do have the best sister - and saw these gorgeous heels under the wrapping paper. Since then I have been obsessed with stepping out in my new shoes. While they aren’t appropriate for every occasion, they are perfect for making a statement and turning heads!


Kelsey High Stud

Kelsey High Stud This cute peep toe is a must-have because it looks just as good with a dress as it does with skinny jeans. The design on the heel elongates the legs, making them look lean. The gold star studs add a nice contrast against the black suede and leather stitching. Kelsey will be the ‘star’ piece of any ensemble!


Scotty Spike

Scotty Spike The Scotty combines the best of both worlds. The delicate quilted pattern is very feminine and soft, but the toe is adorned with long, pointy spikes that give the Scotty an edgy look. The nude color of the shoe goes great with any look.


Orbit 2

Orbit 2 The Orbit 2 is out of this world! If you are loving the galaxy trend, then this Jeffrey Campbell lace-up wedge boot is your sole-mate. This shoe is sure to light up your world! I wonder if they have these in my size...



Nightcross Sure, this heelless boot may look a little intimidating, but it is surprisingly easy to walk in. The studded cross on the side is the perfect embellishment on this leather boot. This boot will amp up any outfit! What would you wear them with?



Townsend The Townsend is Jeffrey Campbell’s take on the classic Oxford. JC adds his signature street style to this otherwise simple shoe by only making the Townsend in metallic silver and gold colors. Be classic and modern at the same time with the Townsend. I'd wear these with a classic, modest pinstripe suit and a colorful blouse for an office look that's sure to turn heads.

Jeffrey Campbell is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion. These 7 shoes are just a glimpse at what he has to offer. Would you be daring enough to wear a ‘heelless’ high heel or one of his other bold designs? How would you wear these shoes?

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Omg must have!

The Lita

5.orbıt ı love ıt

I Never understand how women Can walk in2&6. I swear i'll break My nick just trying Them in the shop.

No no no no no no and no.

Ooh I love the Orbit and Townsend, I can imagine myself wearing those :D

Lita!!!!! Dream shoe

Just one word for me - gross! All of them.

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