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8 Cutest Platform Pumps from JustFabulous ...

By Marquitta

It’s about that time for summer to arrive, which also means it’s time to spruce up your closest with a few pairs of colorful and cute platform pumps! I love platform pumps! They’re easy to walk in, and comfortable enough to keep on the majority of the day! If you’re trying to rack up on shoes, it’s crazy expensive to got to major department stores, so why not try out the JustFabulous online shoe club! For only $39.95 per month with free shipping, you can have a couple of pairs before your summer fun even starts! Personally, I think has some of the cutest platform pumps out there! Don’t believe me? Continue reading and you’ll see for yourself!

1 Rosalind

RosalindIf you’re looking for classy yet versatile, Rosalind is definitely it! You could wear them with a bunch of different outfits, from a dressy skirt, to torn skinny jeans! These shoes are by far my favorite pair of platform pumps. They look plain, but you could do a bunch with them! It comes in a soft blush color or lavender with a 5.5’’ heel with a 1.5’’ platform. It’s pretty high, but who doesn’t like a high heel shoe that’s high?

2 Tucson

TucsonThese platform pumps are perfect for a warm summer day! They’re chic and stylish, especially with the tribal design. The peep-toe is the icing on the cake. It comes in either black or coral with a 5.5’’ heel and a 1.5’’ platform. How can you resist adding this to your shoes collection?


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3 Lisse

LisseThese shoes are the definition of fabulous! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, these ultra high platform pumps will be great for a Saturday night date! Lisse comes in orange or black with a 6’’ heel, a 1.5’’ platform and a mixture of materials (faux patent, faux leather and a velvet finish)! Your hot date will love it when you show up with these cute and stylish pumps!

4 Naples

NaplesIf you’re a girl who loves fun colors, Naples is for you! These amazing platform pumps come in pink, coral, or mint with a 5.5’’ heel and a 2’’ platform. These shoes are recommended by 95% of their buyers! Everyone fawns over how comfortable and versatile they are…Oh! And get this! You see the strap in the picture? Well it’s removable!! How cool is that!? For all of you who can’t stand straps, you don’t have to pass these shoes up! That’s convenient, isn’t it?

5 Guadalupe

GuadalupeGuadalupe is a dressy casual shoe that would be great to spice up your work or school look! The buckles on the side give a little flare to the modest and professional look of the shoe. It comes in a variety of colors: blush, nude, or salmon with a 5’’ heel and a 1’’ platform.

6 Berne

BerneIf you didn’t think of the word “fierce” when you saw this shoe, let met know so I can refer you to my husband’s optometrist! How can you resist investing in this amazing cutout design and neon highlighted shoe! The shoes have a 5’’ heel and a 1’’ platform. When you strut in these shoes, you’re sure to turn heads!

Kristen looks like the T-Mobile girl should wear it :P...

7 Palermo

These platform pumps are amazingly cute and the best part is, you could do so much with them; you could wear a lightweight skirt or fun floral leggings, the possibilities are endless! They come in yellow or orange with a 5’’ heel and a 1’’ platform.

8 Trevi

TreviIf you love the glitz and glam, you’ll love having the Trevi platform pumps! They come in a glittery pewter color, they have T-straps, a 5.5’’ heel, 1’’ platform, and several rhinestones on the outsides. These stunning shoes are highly recommended by the buyers, don’t miss out!

These are only a few, I'm sure there are plenty more cute platform pumps on! I've found the shoes I'll be wearing, which platform pumps will you be seen in this summer?

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