8 New Season Low Heeled Shoes ...

Low heel shoes are not only functional but very fashionable right now. It’s not unusual these days to see designers sending their models down the runway in flats or low-heeled shoes. As a non-heel wearer, this is something I’m quite excited about. Low heel shoes are all about getting a little bit of height without having to resort to staggering stilettos. Check out the following pairs of stylish low heel shoes and let us know what you think.

1. Two Tone Sandals

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Two tone shoes are an on-trend choice for the season. These low heel shoes would be great when the weather warms up. I could easily imagine them worn with sixties-inspired shift dresses, flowing maxi skirts, or even chic cigarette trousers. Designers like ChloΓ© and Marni (pictured here) sell versions upwards of $500 but luckily for us, you can find more affordable versions at Topshop and ASOS.

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