7 Tips on Sensible Shoes to Wear when Traveling ...

By Michelle

The hardest part of vacation is figuring out what shoes to wear when traveling. I’ve traveled a lot and yet it took me a while to catch on that sensible shoes were more practical than the cutesy ones that cause my feet to ache. Consider these tips on shoes to wear when traveling before you board that plane. It might just make your trip that much better, and save your feet from hurting!

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1 Cute Doesn’t Always Cut It

Just because the shoes in Payless are eyeing you doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best for your trip. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking on your vacation, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes. And not all cute shoes are necessarily friendly-to-your-feet. Shoes to wear when traveling should be broken in regardless, so that irritation is limited while you relax. Think it through before buying those strappy sandals. If you really want to bring a cute, but uncomfortable pair, then try Moleskin’s that will help reduce rubbing.

2 Location

It’s important to think of where you are traveling to. Your clothes should complement your environment. You wouldn’t wear boots to the beach. Research attractions in the area so that you get a sense of whether or not to ditch those gladiators. So consider the surroundings before packing that suitcase!

3 Flip Flops

Flip flops may come in handy in more than one place. Definitely bring these bad boys to the beach! If you are traveling in major cities, it may behoove you to wear flip flops in the shower. I always bring at least one pair because you never know. You don’t need to overdo these shoes because on trips with a lot of walking, they can actually hurt your feet too.

4 Multi-Purpose

Shoes that can be worn with more than one outfit are key. This is because footwear becomes dead-weight in your luggage. When meeting airplane weight restrictions, it may be costly to bring your closet of shoes. I like sneakers because they can be worn with jeans and various tops. Classic boots can also be worn with jeans, leggings, or dresses.

5 Classy

It’s always a good idea to bring one pair of classy shoes. You never know if you will go out to a nicer restaurant or club. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. I make sure to have at least one pair because some places may not serve you if you don’t meet their dress code. So bring a pair of black heels or something that will flatter your evening dress.

6 Heels

Though heels are great for nights out at dinner or dancing, they may not be the best as you trek across the cobblestone roads in Italy. Even slight heels apply extra pressure to your feet. As a result, I don’t tend to wear them when sight-seeing, even if they would match my dress perfectly. But I wouldn’t advise ditching them completely. Bring a pair for the evening or afternoons out where you know you won’t exceed more than a couple hours.

7 Bulky

Bulky shoes should be worn on the plane. They may be a hassle to take off at the airport as you make your way through security, but it frees up room in your luggage. Wearing bulkier shoes on the plane allows more space for souvenirs and lightens your suitcase. Again, weight restrictions are typically rigidly enforced on flights, so be aware. I can remember wearing my knee-high boots through security, and the staff looked at me weird. But on the plane-ride, I simply took them off and stored them under the seat in front of me, which proved more than wise.

Vacation is meant to be a time to relax, not complain about painful shoes. Your feet carry you everywhere so it’s important to take care of them. These are just my tips on sensible shoes to wear when traveling. What did you learn?

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