Magical Tips for Wearing Heels without Pain ...


Magical Tips for Wearing Heels without Pain ...
Magical Tips for Wearing Heels without Pain ...

Every girl needs to know how to wear high heels without pain. Wearing heels is a great way to show off your legs, make yourself look taller, and even look more put together as a whole. However, walking in high heels often leaves your feet feeling tired, sore, and worse. You might not think it possible, but walking in high heels is possible without feeling pain. There are several ways in fact. In this article, I will show you just a few ways you can strut your stuff in your high heels without feeling pain in the arch of your foot or without feeling that nasty heel pain when walking. So, here's everything you need to know about how to wear high heels without pain.

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Get the Right Size

Seeing a podiatrist can be helpful for giving your clearer results to relieve that foot pain after walking in high heels, and thesymptoms of arch paincould be because of the wrong size shoe. Since the size of your feet can change as you age, you should have your feet sized on a regular basis. You should also be sized for both width and length to ensure that you are getting the right size shoe to fit your specific size. High heels that are too small will cause pain in the toes and the arches.


Get Thicker Heels

Believe it or not, the thicker the heel is on your shoe, the better off you will be. Why? Well, heels are the only thing holding you up. If you constantly wear stilettos, you’re going to be putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on the heels of your feet. Wider heels like wedges and other chunky heels make it easier to walk in general, and they will not put as much pressure on specific points of your feet as you walk.


Take a Break

Sometimes you need to sit down, take off those heels, and let your feet rest, especially if you’ve been up on your feet all day. Taking your heels off for just a few minutes a day can help rest your feet and avoid the pain that comes with walking in heels. If you work a job where you are on your feet quite a bit, try wearing thicker heels as well to take some of the pressure off. Utilize your lunch break to take your shoes off to rest those feet.


Get a Shoe with Top Coverage

You know what I mean. Those shoes with the straps across the tops of your ankles are ideal for helping keep your foot secure in the shoes. If you’ve ever worn high heeled boots and not had your feet hurt, then you know what I’m talking about. Coverage on the top of your feet will support your ankle, and in turn, support your foot as you walk.


Find Some Inserts

Believe it or not, shoe inserts are a valuable way to help keep your feet from hurting in those heels. Shoe inserts come in whole foot options, heel options, and toe options. Depending on where you feel the most pain, these can be beneficial for your feet, especially if you wear heels a good bit. You can purchase gel inserts, memory foam, and more. Silicone options help keep your feet from sliding as well, which helps provide a steadying of your feet.

If you tend to walk in heels quite a bit, you know right away that they can cause your feet to hurt something fierce. However, it is possible, with the tips above, to walk in heels of all shapes and sizes without feeling that nasty foot pain. Finally, you can strut your stuff without regretting it later that night.

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