7 Interesting Exhibits at the Northampton Shoe Museum ...

The more than 12,000 shoe exhibits at Northampton Shoe Museum make for an interesting day out for anyone with a love of footwear. The museum is located in the center of the shoe-making industry in England, which just happens to be my home town. It doesn’t sound like a huge collection but the exhibits at Northampton Shoe Museum span the entire history of footwear and it is the world’s largest collection of vintage footwear.

1. Queen Victoria’s Wedding Shoes

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One of the most viewed exhibits at Northampton Shoe Museum is the shoes worn by Queen Victoria on her wedding day, 10th February 1840. Although they were originally white satin to match her lace gown, they have changed to a pale sandy yellow color over time. The museum also has a pair of Prince Albert’s riding boots but other than their famous owner, they are unremarkable.

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