7 Shoe Trends for Spring 2013 ...


7 Shoe Trends for Spring 2013 ...
7 Shoe Trends for Spring 2013 ...

Spring is here, which means we need to freshen up our shoe trends for spring 2013! Some trends are back from last year, while others are brand new. It just depends on you and your own personal style to decide which of these spring 2013 trends you are going to adopt. So let's take a look at 7 shoe trends for spring 2013!

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Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern Floral patterns are usually always a hot trend when it comes to spring time. However, this year floral patterns have been moved from your outfits to your shoes! The floral pattern makes everything from pumps to combat boots look so much more girly and funky! Try wearing floral pumps with a solid colored dress for a perfect spring look! Personally, this is definitely one of the shoe trends for spring 2013 that is my favorite!


Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes Although boat shoes look super comfortable, I have never been a huge fan of them...until now. Boat shoes are coming back strong this spring and are more colorful than ever! Several brands have recently been coming out with their own look for boat shoes, which just proves how trendy they are becoming. Personally, my favorite are pastel colored boat shoes but people have also been making a variety of neutral and bright colored shoes!


Knee High Gladiators

Knee High Gladiators Anne Hathaway may have started the trend when she showed up wearing a pair of Tom Ford’s Knee High Gladiator sandals for a Les Misérables premiere, but it looks like they are sticking around as a spring 2013 trend! There was no shortage of knee high gladiators on the spring fashion runways this year and if you love this unique look, you will be right on trend this spring! Just be sure not to wear them if you're going to be in the sun all day as you may get some awkward tan lines!


Pop of Color Shoes

Pop of Color Shoes After three or four years of neutral shoes being a big trend, we're finally going to have a bright and colorful spring! The most popular colors for women's shoes this season are shades of coral and mint, but other pastel colors are also easy to find this year, such as baby blue, pale pink, pastel purple, light yellow and aqua! If you're not a big pastel person, don't worry because bright oranges, yellows, greens and turquoises are also big this spring. Try wearing them with a neutral colored outfit for a fun pop of color!


Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels If you're tired of balancing on pin thin stiletto heels then you will love this spring 2013 trend! You can give your feet a bit of a break this season by taking advantage of the chunky heel trend. Chunky heels of all lengths, widths, and heights were seen walking down the spring fashion runways this year and most of us are very thankful. I know I will be giving my feet a bit of a break this season by adopting chunky heels into my wardrobe!


Iridescent/See-through Shoes

Iridescent/See-through Shoes There was a time when clear heels were a big fashion no-no. However, see-through shoes are all the rage this spring season! High end designers like Valentino and Manolo Blahnik have shoes with clear and see through components this season, instantly transforming the look to the height of fashion. Another trend this season is the iridescent look, including metallics. Whether you prefer mesh or solid, these are going to be hot this spring!



Flats Give your feet a break this spring and adopt a stylish pair of flats! Try getting them in a variety of colors and styles to match almost any outfit. Also, ditch your boring black or brown flats for a splash of color to match the spring season! Flats have been a fashion staple for a long time but this spring they may be hotter than ever!

I can't wait for the beautiful weather and bright colors that come with the spring season! Plus it seems like a lot of the trendy styles for this year give your feet a break from painful skyscraper heels! What spring shoe trend are you most excited for? Are there any other trends you've seen that I missed?

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I'd sell one of the neighbourhood children for those Kate Spade 'Illaria' sandals with that clear acrylic wedged in between that tomato red and turquoise blue patent leather. Large sigh.

Those boat shoes always work best for me.

Where can I buy them

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