8 Style Tips on How to Wear Your Patterned Wedges ...


8 Style Tips on How to Wear Your Patterned Wedges ...
8 Style Tips on How to Wear Your Patterned Wedges ...

This summer, put your best foot forward with these tips on how to wear patterned wedges. Who could resist pretty patterns coupled with comfy wedge shoes? Not me! So, if you’re planning on hitting the streets in style this season, here are 8 tips to help you get the most out of your standout shoes.

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Let Them Stand out

Put that sack of accessories down! You don’t want your patterned wedges to suffocate under loads of jewels or an oversized tote. Let your shoes shine by keeping things simple on top. Your wedges should look effortlessly easy –and so should the rest of you!


Don’t Match Them to Your Outfit Perfectly

If you’re wondering how to wear patterned wedges with vibrant or printed clothing, the key is not to worry about matching everything perfectly. If your wedges are striped, take a risk by wearing a polka dotted dress. I do this all the time (with great results), but just remember not to get too crazy – limit yourself to two different patterns to avoid a style disaster.


Mix Them up

If your wedges are edgy and cool, balance them out with a girly sundress. Or, if you’ve invested in florals or nautical prints, pair them with a sheer black dress or pleated skirt. Just the right amount of sugar and spice will make you a trendsetter.


Be Kind to Your Feet

One of the most important tips to remember when learning how to wear patterned wedges (or any heel, for that matter), is that you should go for comfort first. I cringe at the thought of walking around in four-inch wedges all day, so I avoid spending my hard-earned cash on them. Just walk away!


Go with the Flow

It’s time to ditch the super skinny jeans, ladies. Too-tight clothing can make your patterned wedges look bulky. And no one will notice those gorgeous designs if your feet look like they’ve grown a few sizes. That’s why I tend to wear flowing skirts, dresses, or even cuffed straight leg jeans with wedges.


Keep Them Casual

Wondering how to wear patterned wedges to a fancy dinner or wedding party? More likely than not, you should leave them at home in favor of regular heels. Patterned wedges are meant to be fun and flirty, so save them for a shopping trip with the girls or lunch with your beau. There’s a time and place for everything!


Be Prepared

Even if you’re going all out on the patterns, you should still treat yourself to a pedicure before you slip on open toe wedges. You wouldn’t want unpolished toes to distract curious eyes away from your star shoes! And always, always keep Band-Aids in your purse, because no matter how pretty your shoes are, they can still cause blisters. Ouch!


Have Fun

Never stress over how to wear patterned wedges. The sun is shining, so go out and have fun! When you plan out every little outfit detail, it’ll just look like you’re trying too hard. Confidence isn’t everything, but it’ll take your look to new heights.

Owning a pair (or two!) of trendy patterned wedges is nice, but knowing how to wear them will keep you haute this summer. Which tips do you plan to follow? What are some of your favorite ways to wear patterned wedges?

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