Ways to Decorate Your Flip Flops to Make Them More Fashionable ...


We all have dozens of flip-flops laying around the house. Instead of buying new ones with cute designs on them this summer, you should just reinvent your old pairs. It will only take you a few minutes to do, and you could save yourself from spending money and cluttering up your room with even more shoes. Here are a few adorable ways to accessorize your boring flip flops:

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Replace Straps with Fabric

Replace Straps with Fabric Did you know you can pull the straps of your flip-flops out from the base of the shoe? Once they're gone, you can replace them with fabric or string. That way, you can decorate your shoes with any colors that you want. If you feel bad about tearing apart your flip-flops, then you can simply cut slits into the straps and thread some fabric through it. Either way, it'll create an unbelievably cute design.


Wrap Straps with Fabric

Wrap Straps with Fabric If you don't want to tear apart the straps on your flip-flops, you can just find some string to wrap around them. That way, you can always tear off the design if you don't like the way it comes out. Just make sure you buy string or fabric that will be comfortable against your feet. You don't want it to scratch you and ruin your trip to the beach.


Glue Gems to the Straps

Glue Gems to the Straps You can buy fabric glue, or even use a hot glue gun, to attach some gems to the straps of your flip flops. You can find tons of fun items to use at a local craft store, and it won't cost you much at all. Aim to be as creative as you can and you'll be surprised by how amazing your shoes will come out!


Glue Fabric Flowers to the Center of Straps

Glue Fabric Flowers to the Center of Straps While you're at the craft sore, you should pick up some fabric flowers. If you buy small ones, you can attach them all along your flip flop straps. If you get large ones, you can attach one to the center of each strap. Either way, it'll give you a summery look.


Add Glitter to the Edges

Add Glitter to the Edges You can either add glitter to your flip flop straps or to the edges of your flip flops. All you have to do is buy some glue and glitter. Sprinkle it on and wait for it to dry, and then you're good to go. Just don't get mad if it rubs off onto your skin, because it's a huge possibility.


Thread Buttons through the Straps

Thread Buttons through the Straps If you have the right type of straps attached to your flip flops, you can thread buttons through them. You might not even have to go to the store for this accessory, because you probably have old buttons lying around the house. If you do, collect them all and attach them to your shoes for a unique look.


Add a Chain

Add a Chain If you find a cute chain, cut it to the right length and glue it to your flip-flops. You could even replace your straps with the chain, but it might not be all that comfortable. of course, it'll look super chic!

Flip flops are the best shoes for summer. Have you ever decorated your old ones in order to create a cute new design?

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