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Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw, on “Sex and the City,” and her love affair with Manolo Blahnik shoes, made this brand a household name. Does it mean she gets a lifetime of shoes on the house? I heard 30% off, but who knows? It’s not as if Manolo Blahnik shoes weren’t selling pre-Carrie Bradshaw’s input, but none of us would probably have ever heard of him. See if there’s a pair here that inspires you to part with rent money.

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Bila Double-Band Patent Sandal

Bila Double-Band Patent Sandal When it comes to Manolo Blahnik shoes, you might immediately conjure up images of fancy pumps, but don’t forget beautiful sandals like this one. This patent style comes in black and red at Neiman Marcus, and you might find additional colors as well. I’m not usually one for red shoes, but I wouldn’t give these 4 inch stilettos back if you gave them to me!


Baskegrod Open-Toe Grommet Suede Ankle Boot

Baskegrod Open-Toe Grommet Suede Ankle Boot If I had just one outfit, it would be a pair of jeans, a cool T-shirt, a Ralph Lauren blazer and these open-toe Manolo boots. Personally, I’ve never owned a peep toe boot. When I’ve worn boots, it’s been mostly for inclement weather, so an open-toe would be foolish. These boots however, are made for fashion. Find them at Neiman Marcus and don’t freak out when you see the four figure price tag.


Snakeskin Ronda Jeweled Sandals

Snakeskin Ronda Jeweled Sandals barneys.com

Ah! The perfect summer sandals are these Manolo Blahnik turquoise and black water snakeskin, with asymmetrical toe band, and crystal and cabochon medallion. I love these with black pants and a black top with some interesting details, but no additional stones or colors. Let the shoes be the star. Wear with a great pedicure. These and plenty of other Manolo Blahnik shoes can be found at Barney’s.


Rigata Bicolor Strappy Stretch Sandal

Rigata Bicolor Strappy Stretch Sandal With a 3 ½ inch heel, these shoes might actually be comfortable! The straps are stretchy with a leather underside. I’m loving these strappy sandals with a white dress that has a hint of black in a button or a trim, and the gold chrome nail polish I’m currently rocking. Neiman Marcus displays a picture of a model in white pants, a chartreuse top and these sandals. I think I styled it better. Just saying.


Vestalabar Perforated-Leather Cutout Sandals

Vestalabar Perforated-Leather Cutout Sandals barneys.com

How cute are these? I think white shoes or sandals need to be special and these cutout sandals are gloriously unique. On close inspection, the cutouts are not empty, but a fine mesh. The silver grommets dictate silver or colored jewelry, but nobody will shoot you if you wear gold. See them at Barneys.


Iagu Scalloped Suede D’Orsay

Iagu Scalloped Suede D’Orsay Beautiful and feminine, these peep toe shoes in coral suede, are perfect for a summer lunch with friends or significant other. I love the scalloped edges. I feel as if they remind of something that I just can’t quite remember. These shoes would make a nice complement to beige or tan. You can wear pants, but then you’ll hide the pretty detail. Now you have an excuse to visit Bergdorf Goodman!


Dance2 Caged Slingback Sandals

Dance2 Caged Slingback Sandals Look at these fabulous taupe suede caged sandals. I love a sandal and I’m much more partial to peep toe than any other kind. These come in a shocking cobalt blue as well as black, but I think the detail is most apparent in the taupe. Manolo Blahnik shoes are handmade in Italy and an authentic pair will have that stamped on the sole. If you purchase these at Barney’s, you know you’re getting genuine Blahnik.

Are you more a Louboutin or Jimmy Choo kind of girl, or would having a pair of Manolo Blahnik be the perfect treat for your feet? Would you ever consider paying huge sums of money for a pair of shoes, or does Payless work for you?

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All plain and ugly

They're all so ugly!!


Yep not my style at all, old timers shoes

All these are ugly

Manolo's are always the first on my list... I just adore them😻😻😻

Here's a few old timers with bad taste that consistently wear Manolo Blahnik's: Katy Perry; Rihanna; Jennifer Lawrence; Beyoncé; Victoria Beckham; Miley Cyrus; Cameron Diaz; Kendall Jenner; Jessica Biel and Rose Huntington-Whitely.

They're horrible

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