7 Preppy Loafers ...

The humble loafer is becoming an increasingly popular choice of footwear. It probably has to do with it being the preferred choice of shoe for modern style icons and β€œIt” girls such as Alexa Chung. When choosing a pair of loafers, look for slimmer styles with details such as tassels and fringing. The following are just a few preppy loafers you can find online.

1. Asos Madge Suede Loafers

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Price: $62.76 at asos.com
These preppy loafers feature equally preppy embellishments. They have fringe and bow detailing at the toe and stitch detailing at the back of the heel. The pinkish stone colour of these shoes adds to the feminine aesthetic. Wear these with skinny jeans and a Breton striped top for a timeless look.

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