What Your Favourite Shoe Type Says about Your Personality ?


What Your Favourite Shoe Type Says about Your Personality ?
What Your Favourite Shoe Type Says about Your Personality ?

Have you ever wondered what your favourite shoe type says about your personality? I love psychological examinations of the many facets of peoples' personality based on a specific feature, thing or characteristic. Of course, we’re not all vanilla, but it’s not unusual for various groups to exhibit the same personality based on the choices they make. I have a passion for shoes so I was very interested in learning about how my choices can be interpreted. Wouldn’t you like to know what your favourite shoe type says about your personality? Then read on lady, read on.

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You’re a total boss lady, powerful, commanding, yet also caring and efficient, it’s the perfect combination! People respect you in everything you do, partly because you’re great at it, and partly because they are a little bit scared of you!



Loafer lovers are very often perfectionists who need everything to be done in their preferred way, but that’s fine because they are nearly always right about everything anyway! You’re unshakeable and assured, which makes you a great friend.


High Heel Boots

You are somebody who has absolutely no problem taking control of a situation. You have learned to be quick on your feet and that translates to your mind. You are self assured and confident and have no issues with being assertive!



You might seem materialistic, but this is often just confused with being driven, hardworking and wanting to play as hard you work! You are determined to succeed in life and can draw attention to yourself whenever you walk into a room.


Running Shoes

You love any kind of challenge, whether it be professional or personal. You are confident, organized and very goal oriented, which makes you the perfect team player. Multitasking is no problem for you, you can take care of everything!



You are a super-practical person who prefers to be behind the scenes of life rather than in front of the camera, making sure everything goes smoothly. You are focused, modest and generous, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fabulous when the time calls for it!



If you’re a sneaker buff then you are definitely the kind of person who will be always be cool, no matter what age you are! You’re intelligent, savvy and willing to move with the times, as long as those times come with killer kicks!



Just like fellow wedge lover Kate Middleton, you are graceful, elegant and have a really strong presence. You are also naturally warm and inviting, and this is testament to the fact that more than one person calls you their best friend.


Work Boots

If you love nothing more than a pair of Doc Martens, then you are the kind of person who loves to make a plan, whether professional or personal. You don’t worry about obstacles in your way because you always find a way to defeat them. You are calm, cool and collected!



footwear, shoe, outdoor shoe, product design, slipper, Mule wearers love to be the centre of attention, even if they don’t realise it! You’re funny, confident and popular, and you always find a way to get yourself into the limelight.


Flip Flops

photograph, beauty, woman, sitting, leg, I mean, come on, could you be any more laid back? You are the most chilled out person that you know, nothing in life can get the better of you because you are constantly thinking about the bigger picture.



footwear, shoe, sandal, high heeled footwear, leg, You are an extremely down to earth person. You are happiest when you are surrounded by the ones that you love, ideally in the outdoors so you can connect to nature. You try to find the good in everyone, and your natural tendency is to nurture and be generous with others.

Just putting it out there that my favourite shoe type is mules. No surprise when I read what that signifies. 😊

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