7 Safe Ways to Stretch Too-Small Shoes ...


If you've ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes even though they're just a bit too small, you've probably looked for ways to stretch shoes without damaging them. I started looking because Heather recently bought me the most delicious pair of hot pink, high heeled Dr. Marten boots, but I messed up my UK sizing conversions and dreaded the hassle of an exchange. I had to go that route anyway because stretching out pink patent leather isn't the smartest idea, but if you have a pair of shoes that pinch a bit but feel like they'll still fit better than a size or half-size up if they just get used to your feet, never fear! There are lots of safe ways to stretch shoes without changing their shape or structure!

1. The Natural at-Home Method

One of the easiest ways to stretch shoes when they don't quite fit is to wear them around the house. Even if they're not comfortable, wearing them while you're on the computer, running the vacuum, or just lounging on the couch will help stretch them. If possible, you can also put on extra thick socks – or several pairs!

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