7 Tips for Choosing Shoes when You're Pregnant ...


Choosing shoes when you’re pregnant sometimes feels like an unnecessary minefield. If that edema kicks in, which it does for many of us, a pair of heels is about as welcome as tequila shots! On the other hand, you don’t want choosing shoes when you’re pregnant to be all about comfort. We deserve to stay stylish during pregnancy too! Fortunately, there is a way to strike a balance.

1. Know Your Abilities

I hate to be a bore, but choosing shoes when you’re pregnant does have a little to do with being sensible. If, like myself, you’re likely to break your ankle wearing stilettos, don’t choose pregnancy as a time to start donning them. Similarly, if you find them even a little challenging it’s probably better to opt for different shoe styles. Wedges give you height, and kitten heels are just cute. Know what works well for you, and own it nicely.

Know Your Body
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