Secrets to Wearing High Heels 👠 Every Day without Killing Your Feet👣 ...


High heels may be just the thing for making your outfit stylish and sexy, but let's face it - they can be hell to wear, and you won't feel sexy with blisters!

With careful preparation, though, you can wear your heels without causing any harm to your feet.

So here's how to wear high heels without damaging your feet …

1. Alternate with Flats or Lower Heels

It's not healthy for your feet to wear heels all the time, so mix up the heel height of your shoes.

If you always wear higher heels, your Achilles tendons get stiff and your calf muscles shorten.

Alternate your higher heels with flats or lower heels.

You can still enjoy your high heels, but you should avoid making them your principal shoes (wear flats when heading to and from work).

Invest in a Well-Made Pair
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