7 Smart Tips to Find the Perfect Fit when Shopping for Shoes ...


Shopping for shoes is simultaneously fun and kind of a nightmare. For many women, it's not quite as bad as shopping for swimsuits, but almost. Why? Because finding the right fit is so difficult! Every shoe is different, so you'll often find a shoe you love in the size you think you wear, only too find that it's too large or so small that it scrunches your toes. If you wear half sizes, you know even more pain – and you have my sympathy. It's gotten to the point that I can count on wearing anything between a size 7 and a size 8 and ½. What is that? So if you need some help finding the perfect fit the next time you're shopping for shoes, just make sure you have this checklist at the ready.

1. Realize Every Shoe is Different

Realize Every Shoe is Different

As I mentioned, when you're shopping for shoes, you have to realize that every shoe is different. Different shoes call for different fits, although many of these tips will serve you well for pumps, sandals, and tennis shoes alike. Just don't go into the shopping experience with preconceived notions about your feet.

Get Measured Often
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