8 Best Running Shoes for Your Pretty Feet ...


Like most woman runners, I donā€™t just want good running shoes, I want the Best Running Shoes. I want shoes that make me and my feet feel pretty. I want shoes that support my feet and donā€™t leave me hating life after Iā€™ve put in my miles. Feeling pretty and sexy while running is important, so what better way to do it than to have great looking shoes. Hereā€™s a list of 8 of the best running shoes for your pretty feet.

1. AdidasĀ® RESPONSEā„¢

AdidasĀ® RESPONSEā„¢

Price: $90 at zappos.com

Finding a stiletto with tons of cushion is impossible, as cute and comfort are usually considered antonyms in the shoe world. But thank god it doesnā€™t have to be that way with running shoes! These highly breathable shoes offer tons of cushion while still looking oh-so-pretty in pink. I love the fact that the insole also offers great support, so you can run for miles without ever feeling like it.

Ghost 4 from BrooksĀ®
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