7 Superb Tips on Wearing High Heels ...


It might seem like common sense to some, but there are actually some good tips on wearing high heels that can be of use to heel newbies and experts alike. Wearing high heels aren’t just about the color and style, there is so much more than can really make a difference in how you look and feel in your shoes! So, whether you prefer being closer to the ground in flats or you love the feeling of teetering on 5-inch heels, check out these helpful tips on wearing high heels!

1. Time Your Shoe Shopping

One of the most important tips on wearing high heels takes place before you even buy your new shoes! That’s right, the next time you’re in the market for new shoes, try to time your shoe shopping so it’s in the midday. Not only will shopping in the afternoon give you an excuse to go shoe hunting on your lunch, it’s the ideal time to try on and buy heels. Your feet tend to expand as the day goes on and by midday, you can expect that your feet have already expanded and you’ll be trying on your true size!

Mind Your Posture
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