39 of the Best Looking Turquoise Shoes in the World ...


I have a thing for shoes, but don't we all?

Turquoise happens to be my favorite color so I reveled in the shoes on this list for a long time.

I can't even begin to decide which pair I love best.

The great thing about turquoise is that it matches a lot of other colors, so you'll have plenty of options for wearing them.

Get your credit card ready because these shoes are going to make you want to shop.

1. Flower Sandals


Via Born Smooch

These would be the perfect complement to just about any summer outfit.

2. All Stars


Via Walking In My Shoes | ...

Converse are super cute and you know they are going to last a lifetime.

Great color too!

3. Round Toe Espadrille Wedge

footwear,shoe,leg,leather,outdoor shoe,

Via Delicious Glow-S Round Toe Espadrille ...

Turquoise on the outside and leopard print on the inside?

How much more perfect could they be?

4. Strappy High Heel

footwear,high heeled footwear,shoe,leg,electric blue,

Via Turquoise Strappy High Heel Fashion..

These have just the right amount of sparkle for any party.

5. Cowboy Boots


Via Illinois Fall Wedding

Wouldn't these be adorable with a cute summer sundress?

6. T-Strap Platform Wedge Sandals

footwear,turquoise,shoe,electric blue,aqua,

Via Yoki Celia 12 Teal Sun ...

I can't get over how super cute these are!

Would you wear them?

7. A Touch of Black

footwear,high heeled footwear,leg,shoe,spring,

Via Zapatos de mujer para cualquier ...

The little bit of black on these heels make them stand out in the best way.

8. For Wet Weather

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Via Neon Work Out

Just because it's sloppy outside doesn't mean you have to give up your style.

9. In Action


Via fashforfashion - STYLE INSPIRATIONS

Get a load of how awesome these shoes look when they're paired with an outfit.

10. Louboutin Heels

footwear,high heeled footwear,leg,shoe,spring,

Via Beyonce teams her new blonde ...

Every girl dreams of owning a pair of Louboutins and these are the ones for me.

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