10 Types of Shoes You Need in Your Closet ...


Whether you own a million pairs of kitten heels or need to give those run down sneakers a rest, there are several types of shoes you need in your closet.

Owning a few of the right pairs of shoes can allow you to go from lounging with the girls to a cocktail party with ease.

So, to save your limbs for strutting on over to the next big event, I’ve done the legwork for you!

Here are 10 types of shoes every gal needs to own.2

Get ready for a healthy dose of shoespiration!

1. Basic Black Flats

Basic Black Flats

The most basic type of shoe you need in your closet is a pair of sleek black leather flats.

Just make sure they’re well-padded on the inside so your arches won’t be begging for mercy after a few avenues!

I wear black flats with nearly everything.

They’re especially great for the end of summer and fall season…you know, on nights when your toes will freeze off in flip flops!

Added bonus: if you don’t have time for a pedi, they’ll cover up chipped polish and keep you looking chic.

2. Nude Kitten Heels

Nude Kitten Heels

My coworkers joke that I could never survive without my trusty kitten heels.

Not only does the nude color make my legs look longer, but they’re comfy to boot!

Plus, nude shoes go with almost everything, so when you can't decide, you have a built-in go-to shoe.

Since I tend to travel in flats, I slip these on right before a big meeting for that classy, business-appropriate look.

3. Fun Patterned Wedges

Fun Patterned Wedges

Another type of shoe you need in your closet is a funky patterned wedge.

Wedges are fun and summery –perfect for a trip to the mall with the girls or a lunch date with your beau.

They also work in other seasons, especially fall and spring, so you'll get plenty of wear out of them.

Often, they make the perfect statement piece.2

Take them up a notch with a fun pattern (like florals!).

Open-Toe Flats
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