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My fashion passion is footwear and with a large collection I’m proud of, I need ways to remove scuff marks from shoes to keep them looking fab-u-lous.

You can’t help wear and tear on shoes, but look after them and they’ll last longer.

Ugly blemishes and stains can ruin your overall look, so these ways to remove scuff marks from shoes will keep you looking gorgeous from head to toe.

1. Use Tippex/White out

One of my favorite simple ways to remove scuff marks from shoes, especially sneakers, is to use a little bit of Tippex or other white out fluid.

Make sure that you only use this method on white shoes or sneakers, but it should cover up any small marks perfectly.2

If you think that the white will stand out among your off-color shoes, give them a quick rub down with a wet cloth and baking soda to clean them up before applying the Tippex.

2. Rub an Eraser on the Mark

It might not always work, but if you are looking for an easy solution to get rid of scuffs on shoes you might want to try using an eraser.

It works on any color shoe, but will work best on suede shoes.

Make sure you only stroke the eraser in a single, constant direction, rather than rubbing backwards and forwards as you used to on your math tests.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Although the previous two ways of removing scuff marks are great, you might find yourself out and about to only notice that there is a huge mark on one of your favorite leather boots.

Just get your hand sanitizer from your purse and rub it onto the mark – it should disappear almost instantly.

4. Essential Oils

While not necessarily the most convenient method to use, try rubbing some essential oils into leather shoes to remove scuffs.2

Petroleum Jelly and Some Hard Work
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